Account Type

Your publisher account can be exclusive or non-exclusive.

Exclusivity refers only to digital (download format) titles and indicates that our marketplace will be the only reseller of such titles.

If you will only offer printed format titles, then you're better off to sign up with an exclusive account: Printed format sales are always non-exclusive anyway, and this way you will earn a higher percentage on your print format sales as an exclusive publisher.

If you do not plan to sell titles on our marketplace (for example, if you mean only to use our print services), then you should choose a non-exclusive account.

Compare Account Types

Download ExclusiveDownload Non-Exclusive
Earnings on digital sales70% of customer price you set65% of customer price you set
Digital sales channelsOnly resold through DriveThruRPG.comSold anywhere
Earnings on printed sales70% of print margin*65% of print margin*
Printed sales channelsSold anywhereSold anywhere
Enhanced title rotationYesNo
Bonus on-site promotionYesNo

* On the sale of your title in printed formats, which we print on demand to customer orders, you receive the percentage on the print margin of that sale; the print margin is the price the customer paid (as determined by you), minus the cost to print that title for the customer's order. Print costs are provided on publisher information pages.

For example, if the print cost of your title is $4, and you set the customer price at $12, then with an exclusive publisher account you would earn ($12 - $4 = $8) x 70% = $5.60 per sale.