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180+ Post Apocalyptic Fallout Battle map pack ☢️ apocalypse rpg top down view mapsClick to magnify

180+ Post Apocalyptic Fallout Battle map pack ☢️ apocalypse rpg top down view maps


Looking for the ultimate collection of  top down view battle maps to add more excitement and immersion to your dark future post-apocalyptic, urban, and post-modern tabletop roleplaying games? Look no further than our mega pack of Walking Dead inspired post-apocalyptic battle maps, Black Summer post-apocalyptic battlemaps for TTRPGs featuring over 180 high-quality maps that span the gamut from fantasy, to science-fiction, to end-of-the-world dystopias. With this pack, you'll have everything you need to create unique and engaging scenarios for your players, whether they're battling zombies in a crumbling cityscape, exploring the ruins of a post-modern metropolis, or scavenging for resources in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Each map is expertly crafted with attention to detail, providing you with the perfect backdrop for your game. Looking for post-apocalyptic battlemaps for your TTRPG campaigns in the style of The Last of Us? Look no further! Get your players in the mood for a zombie apocalypse with The Walking Dead themed RPG battlemaps.

post apocalypse play map vtt

Post apocalyptic battle maps bundle : VTT RPG compatible

Whether you're a seasoned GM or a novice player, our mega pack of battlemaps will take your games to the next level. Don't settle for mediocre maps - invest in the best and let your imagination run wild with our collection of post-apocalyptic, urban, and post-modern maps. Order now and see the difference for yourself! Immerse yourself in the world of Degenesis RPG with our post-apocalyptic battlemaps inspired by the game. Looking for gritty and realistic post-apocalyptic RPG battlemaps? We've got you covered!

A Fallout 2D20 scenario for your post apocalyptic battle maps : Sector 8 Secrets

A team of survivors intercepts a mysterious radio signal from Sector 08, hinting at a hidden cache of vital resources. Their journey begins at an abandoned communication station where they decode the initial message. Following clues, they venture into a derelict metro station infested with ghouls, then traverse the treacherous Valley of the Chasm to reach subterranean tunnels beneath an old supermarket, facing mutants and traps. Along the way, they discover plans leading to Vault 101, where they encounter hostile survivors and environmental challenges.

Their quest takes them next to a crashed train loaded with essential supplies, and then to an isolated farm inhabited by potential allies. Navigating through an abandoned commercial zone overrun by raiders, they battle a gang led by a former soldier. The confrontation peaks at the raider garage village, where they obtain a key vital to accessing Sector 08's outpost. Here, an organized faction holds crucial archives needed to solve the signal's mystery. After negotiations or combat, the players secure the final coordinates.

Their adventure culminates at the Greenhouse of 1000 Plants, where they discover the true cache: a collection of genetically modified crops capable of revitalizing agriculture in this desolate world. Faced with this treasure trove of knowledge and potential, the survivors must decide whether to share the discovery for the greater good or keep it secret to ensure their own survival and dominance. Their choice will shape the future of the reborn civilization in this post-apocalyptic land.

mega bundle battlemaps post apo

Survive the end of the world with our battlemaps designed for post-apocalyptic survival horror TTRPGs. Bring the world of The Last of Us to life with our immersive and detailed battlemaps.

Advantages of post-apocalyptic battlemaps

  • Immersive Atmosphere: Plunge players into a dark future with over 150 high-quality post-apocalyptic battle maps inspired by The Walking Dead, Black Summer, and The Last of Us.
  • Versatile Scenarios: Explore a range of settings from crumbling cityscapes to post-modern metropolises to post-apocalyptic wastelands, offering endless possibilities for engaging gameplay.
  • Expertly Crafted Detail: Each map is meticulously designed with attention to detail, providing the perfect backdrop for your tabletop roleplaying games.
  • Compatible with Virtual Tabletops (VTT): Seamlessly integrate these battle maps into your virtual tabletop roleplaying games, enhancing the gaming experience for players online.
  • Inspired by many RPGs: Immerse yourself in the world of Degenesis RPG with battlemaps inspired by the game, Mad Max, The Road, I Am Legend, Mutant Year Zero, Infected!, etc... offering gritty and realistic environments for survival horror scenarios.
  • Printable Options: Print high-quality battlemaps for your tabletop sessions, following simple steps to ensure the colors and details match your preferences.
  • Customization: Personalize your post-apocalyptic adventures with a variety of maps and bundles, allowing you to tailor the experience to your players' preferences and campaign themes.

Are battlemaps printable ?

If you want to print a battlemap for your post-apocalyptic RPG game, there are a few simple steps you can follow. First, you need to find a printable battlemap that suits your needs. Once you have found the map you want, download and save it. Then, use a printer that can handle the size of the map you want to print. Make sure you select the right paper size and orientation to match the dimensions of the map. Finally, print the battlemap and make sure the colors and details are to your liking. Once it is printed, you can use it as a visual aid for your next roleplaying session.

You can also delegate the printing to a local printer who can provide you with a high quality battlemap to place on your game table. You will then have a battle mat all to yourself.

battlemap jdr post-apo end of the world battle maps

Check out these 2 Ultimate post-apocalyptic bundle too !

Top Budget-Friendly Post-Apocalyptic Battle maps for RPG gamers

This budget-friendly post-apocalyptic battlemaps bundle is perfect for gamers looking for the best bang for their buck. With a variety of detailed maps showcasing desolate wastelands, crumbling urban landscapes, and eerie abandoned buildings, this collection provides high-quality visuals at a cheap price. Offering the least expensive option for game masters on a tight budget, this bundle includes a wide range of versatile post-apocalyptic battlemaps. From barren deserts to decaying industrial zones, each map is designed to enhance your gaming experience without breaking the bank. Get the best quality at the cheapest rate with this comprehensive and affordable collection, ensuring the best quality-to-price ratio in the market.

This special Apocalypse bundle product contains the following titles.

413284-thumb140.jpg Abandoned Collapsed Subway Battle map ☣️ walking dead metro vtt zombie
Regular price: $1.99
Metro tunnel is collapsed ! Subway VTT battlemap The collapse of the subway is the continuation of the battle map of the subway station. These two maps are preceded by the abandoned rail car. You ca...
398892-thumb140.jpg Abandoned Stores Battle map ☣️ post apo car parking battlemap
Regular price: $1.49
A car park for your post apocalyptic battle map It's a generic battlemap which intoduce a car park battle map style in an Aftermath RPG-like setting, but it provides a rather disturbing zombie atmosph...
428263-thumb140.jpg Apocalyptic Abandoned Cabin Battle map ☣️ white tree monolith
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic Cabin in the Wood battle map The abandoned house had been swallowed up by the forest, a forgotten relic of a time long gone. Decades of neglect had taken their toll, and the once sta...
371295-thumb140.jpg Battlemap JDR post-apocalyptique ☣️ Vermine 2047, stalker, anticipation
Regular price: $2.99
A savage crossroads for your ultimate post apocalyptic RPG trip A post apocalyptic battlemap introducing vegetated crossroads where roads are completely destroyed but not totally invisible. Some cars ...
379498-thumb140.jpg Crash Train Wreck Battlemap ☢️ roadside post apocalyptic map
Regular price: $1.99
A bridge + train battle map for ambush and battle ! In the past, trains used to pass here. Nowadays, the remains of the wagons are interesting makeshift shelters to spend the night in peace. But I hea...
416578-thumb140.jpg Crashed Airplane Battle Map ☣️ post apocalyptic camp remnant
Regular price: $1.99
Post apocalyptic crashed airplane battle map The remains of a plane have been reused as a makeshift camp. Everything leads us to believe that the plane crashed a long time ago. But its wake on the gro...
424776-thumb140.jpg Dark Cave Battlemap tunnel ☣️ infected dnd catacomb map
Regular price: $1.99
Uncover the Secrets of a Dark Cave DnD Battlemap - Perfect for Roll20 Envision yourself wandering through the darkness of a winding cave, with no pre-assigned grids or paths. With the advent of a dark...
403356-thumb140.jpg Death Valley Battlemap : Pit arena ☢️ wasteland tatooine battle map
Regular price: $1.49
Wasteland Roads : The Pit Battlemap A huge sinkhole, the results of an earthquake, undoubtedly the first of a long series that will follow! The wasteland is getting more and more dangerous... RPG maps...
431334-thumb140.jpg Desert Wasteland Apocalypse Battle Map : Bunker ☢️ cyberpunk shelter
Regular price: $1.99
Desert Apocalypse Bunker battlemap Deep within the infernal desert expanse, hidden beneath a bunker, lies a stronghold. Once an ocean, now nothing remains but sand and the unquenchable thirst that pl...
398894-thumb140.jpg District Shelter battlemap post apocalyptic ☣️ virtual tabletop map 27x29
Regular price: $2.99
Like an Alexandria battle map in a Walking Dead RPG ? Here is the district battlemap that could be considered as a post-apocalyptic version of Alexandria. Or if you prefer Negan, you can consider this...
392373-thumb140.jpg Fallout Shelter Battlemap ☣️ post-apo dead island quarantine battle map
Regular price: $2.99
Is this Sci Fi underground basement battle map safe ? The first battlemap of the underground shelter is available with its different variations. In total, you have access to 9 maps, some gridded, som...
383596-thumb140.jpg Fallout Themed RPG Battlemap ☣️ Tunnel highway map
Regular price: $3.99
Can we cross this undergound tunnels of the apocalypse  ? The Tunnel map was designed to start at the top, behind a rubble and asphalt embankment where a minibus is partially buried. It is through ...
482612-thumb140.jpg Flooded Building Camp battle map ☣️ apocalypse ruins rpg maps
Regular price: $3.99
In this dystopian realm of the apocalypse flooded camp battle map, the decaying fortress stands as a poignant symbol of a bygone era, partially submerged amidst rising waters and ensconced within a d...
398973-thumb140.jpg Flooded City Battle Map ☣️ Urban street under water roll20 map
Regular price: $1.99
How to create a Flooded City Battle map ? A battlemap under water is certainly not common. But a flooded battle map in a post-apo context is even less easy to find, let's face it! And if it's a generi...
439683-thumb140.jpg Gaslands Terrain track Map ☣️ Desert Race printable Car Wars battle mat
Regular price: $2.99
Introducing the Desert Race, a Gaslands post-apocalyptic car combat game terrain game board, which is a visually stunning and immersive battleground for adrenaline-fueled & refuelled vehicular may...
398938-thumb140.jpg Generic modern VTT Map ☣️ stores | car park | r/battlemaps
Regular price: $1.99
Generic battlemap in a post-apocalyptic world ? It is quite possible to have a generic battlemap that is both blank and slightly contextualized. You can then add all the elements you want to make your...
403490-thumb140.jpg Generic Wasteland Road Battlemap ☢️ random encounter vtt map
Regular price: $0.99
A modern desertic and generic road battlemap RPG maps for VTT inspired by Mad Max, you will be able to explore wasteland roads and barren areas. This could be the Australian Outback or the Arizona. Bu...
416587-thumb140.jpg Infested Hive Battle Map ☣️ wasp nest in airplane | vermin 2047
Regular price: $1.99
Hive Wasp Battlemap in an airplane A hive in battlemap, it is not common, I grant you. Then imagine several wasps' nests in the cabin of a crashed plane. Not bees, but wasps ! Much more dangerous, is'...
387600-thumb140.jpg Jungle Makeshift bridge battle map ☣️ post apocalypse Aftermath rpg map
Regular price: $1.00
Can you cross the Makeshift Bridge ? A post-apocalyptic battlemap introducing a dangerous bridge in the middle of the woods. You could use it in a wild Kong tabletop RPG handmade as a Monarch Project ...
379491-thumb140.jpg Junkyard Battle Map Apocalypse ☣️ Car scrap yard battlemap
Regular price: $1.00
Ready to experience many stories on one battle map ? A car graveyard is crossed by a river that was not there 10 years ago. Everything has changed here. Where we used to shop, it's now an abandoned au...
450068-thumb140.jpg Mad Max inspired Battle map Roll20 ☢️ wasteland old tar battle road map
Regular price: $2.99
Wasteland Road of the Apocalypse : a Mad Max battlemap RPG maps for VTT inspired by Mad Max, you will be able to explore desert roads and barren areas. But you'll have to be careful not to cross the w...
437674-thumb140.jpg Modern Car Scrapyard Battle map ⛽ junk yard landfill battlemap
Regular price: $3.99
As you approach the Modern Car Junkyard Battle Map, the first thing that strikes you is the desolate wasteland that surrounds it. Situated in the midst of an arid desert, just outside Phoenix, Arizona...
382706-thumb140.jpg Modern Radio Tower Battlemap disused ☢️ station battle map
Regular price: $3.99
Can we still contact someone to the radio tower ? Have you ever thought of playing DayZ around a table in the form of a role-playing game ? Or maybe you are one of those people who are looking for a ...
375984-thumb140.jpg Mutant Year Zero Battle Map ☣️ Foundry VTT highway toll battlemap
Regular price: $2.99
A abandoned highway with its rusted toll A post apocalyptic battlemap introducing abandoned highway where roads are completely destroyed but not totally invisible. Many wrecked cars betray the fear of...
397841-thumb140.jpg Post apo Flooded Battlemap Highway ☣️ Last of Us RPG map
Regular price: $1.99
A flooded road for your post apocalyptic battle map The rising waters have isolated everything in this flooded city battlemap ! The roads and city streets are impassable and become dangerous to cross ...
396119-thumb140.jpg Post apo Freeway Bridge battlemap barricade ☣️ a Walking Dead themed map
Regular price: $3.99
Can you cross the Freeway Bridge ? The Freeway Bridge map is a rather unique borken highway battlemap since it has only two potential exits: the south and the north of the road. As a bridge, it's har...
387602-thumb140.jpg Post Apoc Frozen Bridge Battlemap ☣️ winter of atom encounter vtt map
Regular price: $1.00
Can you cross this Arctic makeshift bridge ? A post-apocalyptic battlemap introducing a dangerous bridge where snow and frozen river could be dangerous.  Is the passageway safe? Who owns this vehicl...
416588-thumb140.jpg Post Apocalypse Generic Aircraft battlemap ☣️ abandoned plane in ruins
Regular price: $1.99
Crashed Plane in a post apoc generic battle map The generic map of the crashed plane will open an innovative scope of adventure. Cut into three pieces of fuselage, the abandoned plane can become an in...
379490-thumb140.jpg Post apocalyptic City Street battle Map ☣️ warzone this War of Mine
Regular price: $1.00
Exploring the depths of an urban city battle map A post-apoc map that drops you into an old deserted street in a ruined city. Despite the fact that many vehicles are rusting away, there are still plac...
408886-thumb140.jpg Post Apocalyptic dystopian map ☢️ wasteland gatehouse vtt battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
A Wasteland Gatehouse in a post-apocalyptic desert battlemap The Wasteland Gatehouse Battle Map is part of a set of maps based on the theme of the wasteland and the desert in a post-apocalyptic world...
387603-thumb140.jpg Post Apocalyptic Flooded Way Battle Map ☢️ gangway forest
Regular price: $1.00
Is a good idea to cross this flooded river ? A post-apocalyptic battlemap introducing a dangerous bridge where river and water are unstable.  Is the passageway safe? Who owns this vehicle? Does this...
363871-thumb140.jpg Post apocalyptic top down view Stash map Forest ☣️ Dundjinni mood
Regular price: $1.99
A special glade bundle just for you | Exclusive offer ! A post-apocalyptic battle map introducing an abandoned car in the middle of a mysterious glade. Fits perfectly for all tabletop rpg and virtual ...
383598-thumb140.jpg Post apocalyptic VTT generic battlemap ☢️ The Exit random encounter map
Regular price: $1.99
Can we get out of the underground road battlemap ? This post-apocalyptic battle map, entitled Exit, is like the end of the journey into the depths of a scary underground road. It is purposely more ...
384238-thumb140.jpg Post apocalyptic Winter Outpost Battle Map ☣️ stronghold battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
A winter ambush site for your post apoc outpost battlemap ! A snowy version of the battle map Garage. Do you believe in a post-apocalyptic Santa Claus? Maybe it's those footprints all over the map? Do...
408889-thumb140.jpg Post Nuke Battle map Pump Station ☢️ defended battlemap desert
Regular price: $1.99
A Post-apocalyptic defended Pump Station The Wasteland pump Station battle map is part of a set of maps based on the theme of the wasteland and the desert in a post-apocalyptic setting. A bit like Ma...
408873-thumb140.jpg Post-apo Fortified Desert Outpost ☢️ virtual tabletop battle mat pdf
Regular price: $1.99
A Post-apocalyptic fortified Outpost in a desert battlemap The Fortified Outpost Battle Map is part of a set of maps based on the theme of the wasteland and the desert in a post-apocalyptic setting. ...
375986-thumb140.jpg Post-apo Greenhouse Battle Map ☣️ invaded by vegetation | grisly farm
Regular price: $1.99
A unique exploration moment in a post apocalyptic RPG game A post apocalyptic battlemap introducing vegetated area. A greenhouse in the middle of nowhere, overgrown with the plants she once brooded ov...
433643-thumb140.jpg Post-apo Market Place battle Map ☣️ Trade slum bridge battlemaps
Regular price: $2.99
Can you cross the Marketplace Bridge ? Vendors line the edges of the bridge, offering everything from fresh water and food to rare medicines and handmade instruments. The market is always crowded, wi...
392440-thumb140.jpg Post-apo Sci Fi Basement Battlemap ☣️ Settlement shelter map
Regular price: $2.99
You can use it as a Twilight 2000 battle map or Aftermath! The Underground Shelter ends with its lowest level, in the depths of a complex that is as valuable as it is frightening. For those who miss...
375058-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalypse underground Shelter battlemap ☢️ random encounter map
Regular price: $1.00
Unique adventure inside the shelter | The Hatch A post-apocalyptic battlemap introducing a mysterious hatch in the middle of an ancient ruined house. What does it hide ? You can do an excellent locati...
450072-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Beach RPG map ☢️ wasteland shore | Badlands battlemaps
Regular price: $2.99
Wasteland Beach battlemap : welcome to Badlands RPG maps for VTT TTRPG inspired by Mad Max, you will be able to explore desert roads and barren areas. But you'll have to be careful not to cross the wr...
433538-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Broken Bridge Maps ☢️ Dead end Fallout 2D20 battlemap
Regular price: $3.99
Post-apocalyptic Roadbridge battlemap about to collapse This bridge battle map lies in ruins, torn in two by a massive collapse that left a gaping hole in its center. The twisted wrecks of cars and t...
432134-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Cavern Warehouse ☢️ Battlemap wasteland canyon
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic cavernous Warehouse battlemap The underground hangar lies hidden beneath a mountain in the heart of an arid desert, where the heat is oppressive but the stone walls keep the temperat...
462432-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Crashed Satellite battle map ☢️ barren landscape battlemaps
Regular price: $2.99
Post-apocalyptic NASA Satellite RPG battlemap The Battlemap of the Crashed Satellite opens the door to an interstellar journey, seamlessly blending the essence of post-apocalyptic harshness within an...
450073-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Desert Rock Checkpoint battle map ☢️ Wasteland Fallout random encounter battlemap
Regular price: $2.99
Wasteland Rock Checkpoint battlemap RPG maps for VTT TTRPG inspired by Mad Max, you will be able to explore desert roads and barren areas. But you'll have to be careful not to cross the wrong survivor...
428258-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Farm House Battlemap ☣️ Stalker & post-apo RPG
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic Farmhouse in a STALKER vibe The abandoned post-apocalyptic farm lay in ruins, its once vibrant fields now overgrown with weeds and wildflowers. The farmhouse, its windows shattered an...
432128-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Hideout ☢️ Generic Tatooine Battle map ? night | eclipse
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic Hideout battlemap : Wasteland or Tatooine ? The abandoned hideout stands alone in the midst of an unforgiving, arid desert, providing a refuge from the violent sandstorms that rage o...
437677-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Junkyard Battlemap ☣️ car scrap yard shadowrun battle maps
Regular price: $3.99
As you approach the Junkyard Battle Map, a sense of unease washes over you. The once-thriving auto graveyard is now a desolate wasteland, with rusted hulks of abandoned cars jutting out of the sand l...
412822-thumb140.jpg Post-Apocalyptic Rail Car battle map ☢️ modern subway tunnel
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic Rail car on modern subway in a battle map The Modern Subway Battle Map means a subway car in the middle of an unwelcoming tunnel, not a steam train: that's the subway in a world wher...
398891-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Shops Battlemap ☣️ zombie apocalypse battle map
Regular price: $1.49
Can we say that is a Zombicide battle map ? The Oasis battlemap is clearly a strong inspiration from the same Oasis area in the State of Decay 2 video game. So we can say that this is a State of Decay...
458731-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Silo Camp battlemap ☢️ wasteland desert world map
Regular price: $2.99
Post-apocalyptic Silo Camp world battle map Discover the post-apocalyptic battlemap "Abandoned Silo," a captivating playground that transports players into a ravaged world. This towering, forsaken si...
455294-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Construction site battle map ☢️ abandoned desert outpost crane
Regular price: $2.99
Post-apocalyptic wasteland Construction site Bring your post-apocalyptic tabletop adventures to life with our meticulously designed battle map: the Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Construction Site. This ...
455297-thumb140.jpg Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Wind Turbine battle map ☢️ rpg random desert encounter
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic wasteland Wind Turbine battlemap Prepare your tabletop RPG group for an epic adventure with our meticulously crafted battle map: the Post-apocalyptic Wasteland Wind Turbine. This imm...
371697-thumb140.png Raider's Camp Battle map ☣️ post apo garage town looter | scavenger stash battlemap
Regular price: $3.99
An unpleasant shelter or the only hop to repair our vehicle ? A post apocalyptic muddy battlemap introducing a strange workshop place where to stay. Garage town is like a tiny checkpoint or shelter wh...
392438-thumb140.jpg Secret Research Laboratory Battlemap ☣️ vault encounter map
Regular price: $2.99
A battlemap with a Fallout vault mood ? The Underground Shelter gets more complex and reveals its first lower level. For those who missed it, this is the first lower level of a set of post-apocalypt...
375990-thumb140.jpg Shopping Mall Battle map Zombie ☣️ grocery store city vtt map
Regular price: $1.99
A huge supermarket for your ultimate post apocalyptic RPG campaign A post apocalyptic merchant store battlemap introducing the tiny walmart supermarket. What would happen to a supermarket in the waste...
371285-thumb140.png Skycraper Rooftop battle map ☢️ post-apocalypse location city crane
Regular price: $2.99
A unique building roof bundle for a huge RPG experience A post apocalyptic battlemap introducing a strange 7 stage building roof or more. Do you see this giant construction crane !? Fits perfectly fo...
412823-thumb140.jpg Subway Station Battle map ☣️ abandoned metro train wreck battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
Abandoned Subway Station battle map This Metro Station battlemap could be the RER B crashed at Chatelet les Halles station! The wagons are unstable and there has been a cave-in. But the rubble is no...
371692-thumb140.png Traffic Jam Road Battle map ☢️ Post apocalyptic highway battlemap
Regular price: $3.99
A dangerous abandoned highway for your own game plaisure A post apocalyptic tabletop battlemap introducing a notorious highway with some scratches and destroyed cars, and a lot of vegetation. Beware o...
431501-thumb140.jpg Wasteland Apocalypse Battle Map ☢️ Ruined Stash : sandstorm refuge
Regular price: $1.99
Desert Ruined Stash battlemap : wasteland is calling The ruined hideout stands alone in an unforgiving desert, its walls of chipped stone offering precarious protection against howling sandstorms. Br...
403641-thumb140.jpg Wasteland Canyon battle map Desert ☢️ ambush star wars battlemap
Regular price: $1.49
A Wasteland Desert Canyon Battle Map with ambush ? The canyon battlemap is part of a set of battle maps on the theme of wasted land in a world where drought and desert dominate the scene. Inspired by ...
403357-thumb140.jpg Wasteland Junction battle map ☢️ post apo deadlands battlemap
Regular price: $1.49
Dangerous Junction battlemap in the new desert RPG maps for VTT inspired by Mad Max, you will be able to explore desert roads and barren areas. A dangerous desert crossroads appears. Wheel marks on th...
375987-thumb140.jpg Wasteland post-apoc Gas Station Battlemap ⛽ Fallout desert encounter map
Regular price: $3.99
A savage crossroads for your ultimate post nuke badlands RPG trip A post apocalyptic badlands battlemap introducing arid area where water and survivors are rare. A gas station is the last vestige of a...
403179-thumb140.jpg Wasteland Road Battlemap ☢️ d&d desert foundry vtt battle map
Regular price: $1.49
An Oasis and a Road on an Apocalypse Wasteland battlemap RPG maps for VTT inspired by Mad Max, you will be able to explore desert roads and barren areas. But you'll have to be careful not to cross the...
432131-thumb140.jpg Wasteland Secret Workshop ☢️ post-apo Battle map | degenesis basement
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic Cavern Workshop battlemap : Wasteland or Jakku ? The makeshift mechanic workshop lies tucked away beneath a rocky outcropping in the heart of a barren, unforgiving desert, where even...
428264-thumb140.jpg Winter Farm in Ruins Battle map ☣️ abandoned greenhouse virtual battlemap
Regular price: $1.99
Post-apocalyptic Winter Farm Battlemap The abandoned greenhouse stood desolate amidst the harsh winter landscape, a forgotten relic of a bygone era. The glass panes that once glimmered in the sunligh...

Total value: $156.40
Special bundle price: $69.90
Savings of: $86.50 (55%)

180 Digital Maps Pack ☢️ Post-Apocalyptic Fallout RPG VTT

Explore our collection of 180 post-apocalyptic battlemaps, perfect for enriching your RPG sessions set in a devastated world. Immerse your players in detailed environments with our Apocalypse RPG maps, crafted to convey the grim atmosphere of a dystopian future. Our post-apocalyptic map generator makes it easy to create unique and varied scenes, ideal for survival adventures.

Capture the essence of barren lands with our wasteland battlemaps, and set the stage for daring explorations among remnants of the past with our ruins map for RPG. Inspired by iconic video games, the Fallout-themed battlemaps offer a nostalgic yet challenging experience. Face the threats of the end of the world map and delve into dystopian RPG maps designed to test your players' abilities.

Every map in our collection, including the desolate landscape battlemaps, is meticulously crafted to depict arid and abandoned settings. For even more excitement, the mutant-infested map for tabletop RPG plunges your players into a world filled with mutated creatures and constant danger.

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