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* Wisdom from the Wastelands 83% off * [BUNDLE]Click to magnify

* Wisdom from the Wastelands 83% off * [BUNDLE]

This very special 83% off bundle contains all 52 issues of the "Wisdom from the Wastelands" supplement for modern, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic roleplaying games! You can use them to add a ton of new monsters, mutants, mutations, robots, high-tech weapons, combat options, and more to your sessions and scenarios. We have also thrown in a number of bonus items, including  two TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) titles that can be used in conjunction with any of these supplements and to run old-school adventures in a rules-light way

446793-thumb140.jpgOS-TSRPG (Converting Modules from Early Editions of the World’s Most Popular RPG to TSRPG)
Regular price: $2.99
OS-TSRPG is a guide to quickly and easily using, and retaining the flavor of, Old-School dungeon modules with a rules-light storytelling system! This can allow grognards to pull their old adventures o...
423387-thumb140.jpgTSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG)
Regular price: $2.99
TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) is a rules-light storytelling game designed for a storyteller and one or more players that can easily be played anywhere, from the airport waiting area you are stuck in, to th...
101077-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #10: Monsters That Improve with Age 2
Regular price: $0.99
The age chart is a powerful tool for Mutant Lords who want to scale monster encounters with the powers and artifacts of the player characters. These charts describe how a creature’s characteristics c...
101237-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #11: Optional Combat Rules
Regular price: $0.99
In almost every roleplaying game, one of the biggest aspects is combat. Mutant Future is no exception, for, in many ways, combat could be considered one of the game's most crucial aspects - ne...
101685-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #12: Parasite Mutations/Transformations
Regular price: $0.99
Gut worms and intestinal bacteria, athlete’s foot fungus, toxoplasmosis protozoa, lycanthropy and Rage and vampire viruses. Whether biological fact or fictional terror, we are surrounded (and coloniz...
102138-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #13: Medical Devices
Regular price: $0.99
Fantasy has spells and potions to heal injuries and resurrect the dead. Science fantasy has similar ways of curing what ails, but through technology. Although the Mutant Future core book descr...
102923-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #14: Aggregates
Regular price: $0.99
Having another creature living on or inside your body is not a thought most would enjoy. Nor is the idea of having the same type of creature living inside a child and grandchild, joining generation a...
103553-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #15: Robots Part 1
Regular price: $0.99
Robots are just as important to Mutant Future as biological creatures. They can be antagonists, sources of information, or even slave labor. This is the first of four robot-themed issues, and ...
106201-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #16: Robots Part 2
Regular price: $0.99
Robots are just as important to Mutant Future as biological creatures. They can be antagonists, sources of information, or even slave labor. In this second installment of four robot-themed iss...
106669-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #17: Artifact Conditions
Regular price: $0.99
Artifacts play a key role in Mutant Future. Like magical items in fantasy games, artifacts are treasures sought by adventuring parties that brave the mutant-infested ruins of the Ancients’ wor...
107239-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #18: Robots Part 3
Regular price: $0.99
Robots are just as important to Mutant Future as biological creatures. They can be antagonists, sources of information, or even slave labor. In this third installment of four robot-themed issu...
107873-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #19: Robots Part 4
Regular price: $0.99
Robots are just as important to Mutant Future as are biological creatures. They can be antagonists, sources of information, or even slave labor. In this fourth installment of author Derek Holl...
99107-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #1: Artifacts, Manuals, and Toolkits
Regular price: $0.99
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands! This publication is dedicated to providing useful information, game content, and ideas to players of modern, science fiction, and ...
108556-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #20: Mutation Modifiers
Regular price: $0.99
Just as a single change to a stock creature can result in a very different and distinct entity, mutation modifiers can expand the scope and variety of Mutant Future mutational powers, altering...
109438-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #21: High-Tech Melee Weapons
Regular price: $0.99
Although most Ancients considered melee weapons like swords, axes, maces, spears, and even exotic ranged weapons such as bolas and shuriken to be archaic, some did practice the use of such weapons, a...
109658-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #22: Personal Shields
Regular price: $0.99
Force screens were developed for individuals from all walks of life, to guard them from all manner of threats. There were simple fields that warded users from the insults of weather and city life, th...
110155-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #23: Sea Monsters
Regular price: $0.99
Despite much of the planet being covered by ocean, sea monsters have oddly been absent from all editions of the game that inspired Mutant Future. Such a vast area, in a variety of latitudes an...
110795-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #24: Weapon Modifications
Regular price: $0.99
This issue presents technologies and items for making Mutant Future weapons more lethal and combat more colorful. These additions include expanded range rules, new ammunition types for both mo...
111381-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #25: Metamorphosis I
Regular price: $0.99
In poetry, the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly describes how something ugly becomes uniquely beautiful. But in nature metamorphosis is common as living things change forms over their lif...
112108-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #26: Energy Weapons
Regular price: $0.99
The latest installment in our popular series on leading edge military technology and combat rules, this issue brings five deadly weapon systems and several new combat “conditions” to your gaming tabl...
112475-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #27: Metamorphosis II
Regular price: $0.99
Once again we bow to the wisdom of the Ancient philosophers, who recognized that the only constant in life (aside from death and taxes) was change, change, change. Metamorphosis can take very ...
113518-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #28: Nanotechnology I
Regular price: $0.99
Nanotechnology has existed since the late 20th century. At first, the tiny machines were used mostly in medicine and genetic manipulation, but technological advances brought wider application. Many o...
116717-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #29: Mutualists I
Regular price: $0.99
To mangle a paraphrase from John Donne, no mutant is an island — unless your mutant is an island. And even then it probably does not live entirely alone. Whether you are part of a community or...
99291-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #2: Monsters That Improve with Age
Regular price: $0.99
Like a fine wine, some monsters improve with age, and it is to them that this second thematic issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands is devoted! An age chart can be a wonderful tool for Game Mast...
117265-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #30: Nanotechnology II
Regular price: $0.99
Nanotechnology has existed since the late 20th century. At first, the tiny machines were used mostly in medicine and genetic manipulation, but technological advances brought wider application. Many o...
121450-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #31: Nanotechnology III
Regular price: $0.99
Continuing with the examination of this hi-tech subject that we started in issues #28 and #30 of Wisdom from the Wastelands, this third installment in our nanotechnology series presents many n...
122051-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #32: Shapeshifters
Regular price: $0.99
Shape changing is a fascination crossing time, culture, and genre: Greek gods and mythic Indian monsters, vampires, were-creatures, spirit and shadow beings all captivate and intrigue with their meta...
123323-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #33: Drugs
Regular price: $0.99
The science fiction equivalent of magical potions and elixirs, drugs and medications are similarly treasured. Because of widespread use by the Ancients, chemical compounds of all sorts can be found a...
124774-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #34: Plant Mutants I
Regular price: $0.99
No matter what your choice of post-apocalyptic game, plants usually get the hind bud. And, unfortunately, Mutant Future is no exception. Although the core rulebook has example mutant plants an...
125432-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #35: Terror Weapons
Regular price: $0.99
During the final wars, various factions came to rely on psychological tactics like terror, rather than conventional bombs, bullets, and energy beams, as their weaponry of choice. Many believed a terr...
126189-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #36: Plant Mutants II
Regular price: $0.99
In real life, we take plants for granted. Stretching out on the grass on a summer’s afternoon, leaning back against a gnarled oak with a good book (or your favorite device), watching the kids twirl t...
127278-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #37: Plant Mutants III
Regular price: $0.99
Although some might treat plants as a monotony of greenery and stalks, there is actually a great deal of variety within their kingdom. The previous two issues in our plant series discussed organisms ...
127738-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #38: Radiation Sickness
Regular price: $0.99
Radiation. For many in a post-apocalyptic world, the word conjures burning thoughts of flesh-corrupting terror; for others, the tingling aura of mutation-granting nirvana. In the core Mutant Futur...
128301-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #39: Unique Superscience Artifacts
Regular price: $0.99
Imagine — barely 50 years ago — pulling out your smart phone in Dallas to take a selfie as President Kennedy passed by. The technology people casually sit on today might have gotten you disappeared b...
99522-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #3: High-Tech Weapons
Regular price: $0.99
Like magical weapons in fantasy games, high-technology firearms are treasures that adventurers seek out with great eagerness in the post-apocalyptic world. No matter how cool a weapon is, however, pl...
130657-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #40: New Races 2
Regular price: $0.99
Over time, mutations can become consistent, creating unique species and new creatures — for example, birds evolving from dinosaurs. But Mutant Future races need not be consistent, or even phys...
131357-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #41: Alternate Forms of Radiation
Regular price: $0.99
As one of technology’s four horsemen, radiation is an important factor in post-apocalyptic and sci-fi games: hazard, theme, bringer of mutation, waster of civilizations. The game mechanics assume a s...
135420-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #42: Unique Superscience Artifacts II
Regular price: $0.99
Excalibur. Mjolnir. Aegis. The Millennium Falcon. The Eiffel Tower. A red shirt. A sonic screwdriver. The Horn of Roland. The Spear of Destiny. Whether from myth, history, fiction, fantasy, or actual...
137604-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #43: Optional Combat Rules II
Regular price: $0.99
As a weary game master, nearing the end of a long session and faced with a sudden, sticky conundrum, have you ever looked across at a table full of your eager/irate/meddlesome players (taut  with the...
138299-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #44: Unique Superscience Artifacts III
Regular price: $0.99
Following a theme begun in Wisdom from the Wastelands Issues #39 and #42, this issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands focusing on superscience artifacts coalesces around things alien — whe...
138939-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #45: Mutant Dinosaurs
Regular price: $0.99
Using their expertise in biotechnology, the Ancients created or recreated many new species for use as pets or livestock. Ever-popular dinosaurs were among the first large, complex creatures brought b...
139520-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #46: High-Tech Weapons 4
Regular price: $0.99
In this issue, the fourth installment of our popular “weapons for every budget and apocalypse” series, we are proud to present more high-tech implements of destruction for your gaming pleasure. There...
140462-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #47: Underwater Rules
Regular price: $0.99
Water covers over 70% of Earth’s surface, so it is likely that many adventures will take the occasional aquatic turn. This could happen in the wilds, on the open ocean, or down in inky subterranean d...
141658-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #48: Unique Superscience Artifacts IV
Regular price: $0.99
The unique items in this issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands are so advanced they appear magical to post-apocalyptic peoples. Although intended for use with Mutant Future, these items c...
143090-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #49: Unique Superscience Artifacts V
Regular price: $0.99
With amazing powers, terrible mutants, and scientific advancements available only in our collective imagination, Mutant Future stretches the bounds of conception. From a foundation of Clarke's...
99720-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #4: New Races
Regular price: $0.99
Even though some post-apocalyptic game worlds have only allowed Humans, mutants, mutant plants, and animals as characters, there has always been room to expand upon this. Mutant Future did an ...
145073-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #50: Artifact Quality
Regular price: $0.99
Fantasy games thrive on magical weapons and items, giving players something to shoot for — and to shoot with. These are rewards for overcoming obstacles and defeating monsters, both reflecting and bo...
158545-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #51: Mutated Animal/Plant Genotypes
Regular price: $1.79
When a player character wishes to play a mutated animal or plant, he has several choices to make. Animals alone represent a large category but can actually be mammal, reptile, amphibian, avian, or ev...
191758-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #52: Nanotech Undead
Regular price: $1.79
In the Ancients’ movies and literature, undead were often created by magic, curses, or other supernatural phenomena. The hideous and terrifying creatures now stalking the wastelands are closer to ano...
99928-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #5: Domesticated Creatures
Regular price: $0.99
With the huge variety of life, domesticated creatures in Mutant Future come in all shapes and sizes. Some are harmless, some are inherently dangerous, and some become so when they are not tend...
100188-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #6: Factions
Regular price: $0.99
Social-political groups were one element that brought a lot of fun into the original old-school science-fantasy games. This issue presents several factions or alliances Mutant Lords can easily incorp...
100439-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #7: Planar Creatures & Concepts
Regular price: $0.99
One mutation that could greatly influence a campaign setting and its population is plane shift. Once a planar gate is opened, anything that comes through will affect the Mutant Future w...
100686-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #8: Diseases & Medical Options
Regular price: $0.99
During the final wars that destroyed the Ancients’ civilization, some of the most horrifying weapons unleashed were terrible biological diseases and plagues. Such diseases were great equalizers, thei...
100912-thumb140.jpgWisdom from the Wastelands Issue #9: High-Tech Weapons 2
Regular price: $0.99
The second installment of our weapon-themed series, this issue picks up where Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #3:High-Tech Weapons left off and presents more than a half-dozen new sort...
460974-thumb140.jpg~OS-TSRPG (Eine Anleitung zum Konvertieren von Modulen für frühe Editionen des beliebtesten Rollenspiels der Welt zu TSRPG)~
Regular price: $2.39
"OS-TSRPG" ist eine Anleitung zum schnellen und einfachen Benutzen alter Dungeon-Abenteuer-Module und zum Beibehalten ihres speziellen Flairs mit einem regelleichten Erzählspielsystem! Dies kann es al...
429658-thumb140.jpg~TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG/Juego de Rol Compacto) ~
Regular price: $1.19
Todas las reglas mínimas para TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG/Juego de Rol Compacto) caben en una página.  No se necesitan dados. Los personajes tienen solo dos estadísticas: Física y Mental, y cualquier cont...
429924-thumb140.jpg~TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG/Невелика Рольова Гра для Подорожі)~
Regular price: $1.99
Якщо ви живете в Україні або є українцем, ми заохочуємо вас отримати це україномовне видання нашого бестселера TSRPG (Travel Sized RPG) безкоштовно як наш подарунок! Ми хотіли б попросити всіх інших ...

Total value:$64.63
Special bundle price:$11.99
Savings of:$52.64 (81%)

~ TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG) ~

Be sure to check out Skirmisher Publishing's popular and Platinum-bestselling TSRPG (Travel-Sized RPG)! This rules-light storytelling game can easily be played anywhere, from the airport waiting area you are stuck in, to the overnight in some hotel where there is nothing to do (and also, of course, in your own home). All the basic rules fit on one page; no dice are needed; characters have just two stats; and any bookkeeping that might be required can be done on a cocktail napkin with a pen borrowed from a waiter. TSRPG is fully supported with sourcebooks that include "Arms, Armor & More," "Wands, Wagons, Whips & More," and "OS-TSRPG," along with 10 compelling scenarios, "A Long Way to the Top," "Beating Around the Bush," "A Midsummer Night's Scheme," "On the Plane of Magma," "A Violet Shade of Death," "A Rose for Erato," "Into the Terrorium," "Whiskey in the Jar," "Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus!," and "Temple of the Banished Suns," all of which include pregenerated characters and the basic rules for the game, allowing them to function as quick-starts for it. We have also had TSRPG translated into a number of other languages, including German (along with three adventures, „Eine Rose für Erato,“ „Auf der Ebene des Magmas,“ and „Tempel der Verbannten Sonnen,“ along with the „OS-TSRPG" supplement), Spanish (along with four adventures, "Una Rosa Para Erato," "Un Tono Violeta de Muerte," ""¡El Plan de Una Noche de Verano"," and "En el Plano de Magma" and the "Armas, Armaduras y Más" and "Varitas, Vagones, Látigos y Más!" supplements), and Ukrainian

English TSRPG      Espanol TSRPG   Deutsch TSRPG   Yкраїнська TSRPG      Aesopia Aesopia

TSRPG Wands TSRPG On the Plane of Magma A Violet Shade of Death A Rose for Erato Into the TerroriumTSRPGTemple of the Banished Suns TSRPG TSRPG Beating Around the Bush Krampusnacht!

Espanol TSRPG TSRPG TSRPG TSRPG El Plan de Una Noche de Verano TSRPG   Deutsch TSRPG Magmas TSRPG TSRPG

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