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If you use maps in your roleplaying games, FlexCrawl will help make life easier and adventures more fun and diverse.

  • Map Tiles that fit seamlessly next to each other in any orientation, in any combination.
  • Tools to generate infinite adventure maps during the game session with zero prep time.
  • Endless variety with dozens of pieces of dynamic adventure content on each Tile.
  • Designed from the ground up to enable revolutionary, unexpected, exciting solo adventuring.
  • Create one-shot adventures, major locations, or even entire campaigns using the same tools and approach.
  • FlexCrawl will make your adventures easier to set up and run, more interesting, and more exciting, all with less work.

What is This Thing?

The FlexCrawl Toolkit presents everything you need to know about a revolutionary approach to tabletop roleplaying game mapping and adventure content.

Generate an infinite variety of maps, and populate them with an infinite variety of dynamic advenutre content. 

From a one-shot session diversion to an entire megadungeon campaign, FlexCrawl is the only tool you need.

All with a few quick six-sided dice rolls.

Tiles Included

Included for FREE is 3 entire Theme Packs worth of FlexCrawl Tiles: 36 in all, endlessly permutable into infinite adventure opportunities.

Each Tile comes in SIX different ultra-high-resolution flavors for use digitally, printed at home, or imported into the VTT of your choice for personal use.

The previews below include a shot from the Appendix describing and providing visual examples:

  • Player: No secrets or adventure content.
  • Secrets: Secret doors and passageways only.
  • Full: Color-coded dynamic content markers for all seven types of adventure content.
  • Player Ungridded: As above, but without the square grid overlay.  This makes it easier to use in some VTT systems, and so that you can use FlexCrawl Tiles with a custom scale (larger or smaller) if you wish.
  • Secrets Ungridded
  • Full Ungridded

Why Do You Care?

We didn't invent the concept of geomorphic maps--that is, map pieces that fit next to each other in various ways to form bigger maps.

But FlexCrawl takes this simple notion, puts it on steroids, and gives it the FlexTale approach to generating infinite content using a few tables and tools.

In short, any time you need a battle- or exploration-scale map for your tabletop roleplaying games, FlexCrawl is designed to provide easy, powerful tools to suit your needs with zero prep time.

Use FlexCrawl for:

  • Random Encounter Battlemaps
  • Location / Point of Interest Maps
  • One-Shot Adventures
  • Seamless Transitions Between Landscapes
  • Replace Hand-Drawn Maps
  • Standalone Quick, Fun Games
  • Solo Play


  • Any rules system.
  • Any gaming table.
  • Any campaign, either new or in progress.
  • Zero preparation.
  • Infinite possibilities.

The FlexTale Difference

The goal here is that if you have ten minutes, or ten weeks, to prepare for a game session, there's something in this book that will help you out enormously.

The FlexCrawl Toolkit features the FlexTale approach to gaming design: the content herein supports ANY set of PCs of ANY level, and scales accordingly.  No two adventures or quests are the same.

The majority of the book is system-agnostic, and can be used easily with any TTRPG system.  Some specific tools and elements contain rules language tailored to 5E, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition (P2E), OSR, and Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC).

FlexTale Integration

FlexCrawl can be used seamlessly with other FlexTale products like the Hexcrawl Toolkit, FlexAI Guidebook, the Solo Adventuring Toolkit, and Infinite Adventures.

What's Included

The FlexCrawl Toolkit features:

  • Easy to use, flexible, and complete rules and tools with dozens of illustrations and examples to walk you through the FlexCrawl approach to building maps and adventures.
  • FlexCrawl Map Record Sheets to jot down your randomly-generated maps easily and quickly.
  • Dynamic Content Record Sheets to note down the adventure content you generate to populate your maps.
  • Also includes the first 3 Dungeon Theme Packs of FlexCrawl Tiles for FREE: 36 Tiles, each with dozens of dynamic content options, usable in infinite combination.
  • And much, much more!

Dynamic Adventure Content

This is the thing that makes FlexCrawl so innovative and unique.  Seven categories of roleplaying adventure content are identified:

  1. Secrets: Secret passages and rooms.
  2. Obstacles: Doors, portcullises, piles of boulders, lava falls, barricades.
  3. Traps: Darts and arrows, poisoned needles, pit traps, revolving walls, gas emissions, crushing blocks.
  4. Encounters: Wandering monsters, lairs, ambushes, NPC encounters.
  5. Rewards: Treasure, maps, keys, renown, information, clues, rumors, temporary boons, insight.
  6. Quests: Starting new quests, advancing existing quests, connecting and progressing narratives.
  7. Exits: Trapdoors, caches, lairs, hideaways, prisons, basements, descents into new levels.

This book contains rules and sample results for each of these content types.

Every single Tile--both the 36 that come free with this book, as well as the thousands that will be published--has dynamic content markers that make generating a handful, or even dozens, of pieces of content as simple as rolling a few six-sided dice.

Never the Same Map Twice

No Tile placed in your game map will be the same as any other Tile you place, even if the walls and corridors and chambers might look the same.  

You might place the same tile down twice in your game map, but one of them is teeming with monsters and traps, and the other is rife with treasure and opportunities.

Use the dynamic content generation tools for:

  • Solo Play
  • Zero-Prep Traditional Play
  • Planning Tool for Traditional Play
  • Random Encounter "Sprinkles"

The FlexCrawl Universe: Much More to Come!

This book is all you need to get started immediately with FlexCrawl.  Even with just this book and its accompanying diversity of Tiles, you can build infinite Dungeon adventures.

Plenty more FlexCrawl content and tools will be coming soon, however.  

Hardcopy Edition

A hardcover and softcover version of the FlexCrawl Toolkit will be availalbe to order in late February 2024

When it is published, everyone who owns the PDF edition will receive a discount code to order a hardcopy at reduced price.

Printed Tiles

We have begun publishing printed FlexCrawl Tiles through DriveThruCards.  Use this link to see all of the available Tiles!

These high-quality, 6" square premium cardstock assets are a joy to play with--there's just something super-cool about physical tile cards and dice fueling infinite adventure possibilities!

Theme Packs

Each FlexCrawl Theme Pack is a set of 12 Tiles that fit a Theme. 

Each Environment (see below) will have 18 Theme Packs.  You'll find a preview of the Theme Packs for the Dungeon Environment in the book previews below, but they are:

  1. Straight Walls
  2. Narrow Walls
  3. Cave Walls
  4. Meandering Cave Walls
  5. Lairs
  6. Mazelike Caves
  7. Water Features
  8. Pits
  9. Stalagmites
  10. Cobwebs & Debris
  11. Crypts
  12. True Dungeon
  13. Marble Floors
  14. Divine Temple
  15. Rooms
  16. Ruined Temple
  17. Dark Temple
  18. Lava

Environment Guidebooks

Each Environment contains a host of rules, dynamic content, and other resources that are unique to it.  Forest Tiles are fundamentally different from Aquatic Tiles, and Mountain Tiles do not follow the same rules as Swamp Tiles.

Each Environment--terrain, landscape--will have an Environment Guidebook that contains all of these resources.

The following Environments are planned:

  1. Dungeon
  2. Plains
  3. Coastal
  4. Aquatic
  5. Desert
  6. Forest
  7. Hills
  8. Jungle
  9. Mountain
  10. Swamp
  11. Urban
  12. Wasteland

Create Your Own

You're free to make your own FlexCrawl Tiles for personal use.  This book contains guidance on how to do that.









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Reviews (2)
Discussions (15)
Customer avatar
J. E June 28, 2024 1:28 pm UTC
Now available in softcover or hardcover edition!

Anyone who owned a copy of this digitally prior to 28-Jun-2024 should have received an email from DTRPG with at-cost discount links to order the physical copies for those interested. If you fit this description but had opted out of receiving emails from DTRPG, please reach out to me at infiniumGameStudios [at] gmail [dot] com and I can send you the discount links directly.

Customer avatar
Damien D June 29, 2024 11:51 am UTC
Again, thank you for the generous discount for prior PDF purchases - hardcover ordered !
Customer avatar
J. E June 03, 2024 2:08 pm UTC
An updated version of this title is now available.

Goodman Games has now officially approved this title for compatibility and use with Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC)!

Minor tweaks and edits throughout.
Customer avatar
Paul S June 03, 2024 2:55 pm UTC
It's an .indd file. I don't have indesign on my system...could we get a pdf?
Customer avatar
J. E June 19, 2024 3:37 pm UTC
Should be fixed now, sorry!
Customer avatar
David H May 27, 2024 1:51 am UTC
It looks like the new FlexTale Adventure Generator: Dungeons contains everything from this book and more, is that right? Is there any reason to get this in addition to the FlexTale Adventure Generator: Dungeons?
Customer avatar
J. E June 03, 2024 2:05 pm UTC
Hiya! They're very similar books, but the Adventure Generator is an environment guidebook for Dungeons specifically. FlexCrawl Toolkit provides much more robust options and a more thorough exploration of creating maps of any environment and running adventures using the FlexCrawl approach. The two were designed to work together, and although much care has been taken to ensure that you can use each on its own, there are portions of each that might not make as much sense without having the other book too.

Hope that makes sense. Great question and thanks for asking it!
Customer avatar
Vítor V May 19, 2024 11:21 pm UTC
Do you intend to someday make it possible to generate a .dd2tt to import the settings into the VTTs? Or maybe there is an extension to the program that already does this.
Customer avatar
J. E June 03, 2024 2:06 pm UTC
I've got no formal plans right now to produce dedicated files. However, the Map Tile Theme Packs do include a wealth of different image options for each map, including some specifically intended for use with VTTs. Just import and drop into your game!
Customer avatar
Kar Wee T February 13, 2024 1:12 am UTC
If I get the Ebon Cartographer subscription now, will I have access to this toolkit, the 6 theme packs that are released, the Environment Guidebook and the subsequent theme packs?
Customer avatar
J. E June 03, 2024 2:07 pm UTC
Ebon Cartographer provides all of the battlemap-scale maps IGS produces, for life. It's already been updated to include all of the hundreds of FlexCrawl map Tile images.

Ebon Cartographer is a map pack only, and therefore does not include books such as the FlexCrawl Toolkit or the Adventure Generator; those are separate titles.

Hope that helps!
Customer avatar
J. E February 01, 2024 4:33 pm UTC
An updated version of this title is now available.

Added a section discussing an alternate approach to dynamic content generation that's even better for solo adventuring, and keeps things fresh and exciting and surprising even moreso than the standard approach. Best of all, it's even quicker and easier to use!

Also added more of Ethan Slayton's deliciously thematic and decidedly old-school artwork (Obstacles section preface).
Customer avatar
Stéphane M January 31, 2024 5:50 pm UTC
Hi, I'm trying to understand the way this toolkit is designed. Is this Toolkit needed in order to use the Theme Packs? Will there be other Tookits released in the future? Will there ba a future omnibus with every Theme Packs included? I just want to make sure that I'm investing my money in one all-compassing product without having to purchase in fragments. Thanks.
Customer avatar
J. E February 01, 2024 4:42 pm UTC
Hi Stephane--Thanks for reaching out. Short version is to skip the Theme Packs for now; the Dungeon Walls one was published mainly so that those who want to order physical Tiles can do so ASAP.

The Theme Packs consist of two things: Tile image files, and the Theme Pack Booklet.

For the first three Theme Packs, if you own the FlexCrawl Toolkit, you already have the Tile image files as part of this listing. (That's why the published Theme Pack is so cheap :).

The Theme Pack Booklet contains the Tile Profiles for each Tile. These won't be super meaningful until I publish the Environment Guidebook which will contain TONS of dynamic content results. Until then, the Tile Profiles only contain references to the Standard content in the Toolkit.

My advice? Skip the first three Theme Packs for now. I'll be publishing the next several Theme Packs, including several packs that contain NEW Tiles that aren't included for free with this Toolkit, shortly.
Customer avatar
Stéphane M February 01, 2024 5:29 pm UTC
Thanks for the response; it's appreciated.
Customer avatar
J. E January 30, 2024 5:42 pm UTC
The always-prolific Talking About Games has a review up already!
Customer avatar
J. E January 29, 2024 7:26 pm UTC
Theme Pack #1 is now available: Dungeon Walls. The most "vanilla" to start with. You can order the printed physical cardstock tiles NOW if you wish, or just grab the heavily-discounted Theme Pack Booklet. Note that the Tile images themselves in this listing are already a part of the FlexCrawl Toolkit; only buy this Theme Pack if you want the dynamic adventure content, or if you want printed Tiles.

Customer avatar
J. E January 29, 2024 2:46 am UTC
An updated version of this title is now available.

At the request and suggestion of several customers, I've added ungridded versions of ALL versions of ALL standard Tile images.

That's another 108 300dpi images of the 36 Tiles included with this book.

The intent is to recognize that although the square grid is helpful in many cases, for certain users (e.g., VTT users), it may be much easier to use ungridded images.

I'll soon be updating the book PDF itself with a quick listing in the Appendix to help make sense of the filename suffixes, but here's the quick version:

P: Player (no secrets, no dynamic content markers)
S: Secrets (secrets only, no dynamic content markers)
F: Full (secrets and all of the dynamic content markers)
PN: Player, No grid
SN: Secrets, No grid
FN: Full, No grid

Customer avatar
J. E January 29, 2024 2:48 pm UTC
A new version of the book PDF is also posted; it includes a table in the Appendix which describes the difference in the filename suffixes for the included digital image files for the Tiles.
Customer avatar
J. E January 28, 2024 1:39 pm UTC
I'm so sorry that many of the folks who own Ebon Cartogroher experienced issues redeeming your free copy of the newly released FlexCrawl Toolkit!

I’ve fixed the issue; check your inboxes for a new link.
Customer avatar
Joe P January 28, 2024 5:05 pm UTC
Thanks for this! Looking forward to weaving this into my prep!
Customer avatar
Robert C January 28, 2024 1:37 am UTC
Link doesn't work for me as well. Getting the Invalid Discount Max Uses message.
Customer avatar
mark S January 27, 2024 11:39 pm UTC
Customer avatar
J. E January 28, 2024 1:40 pm UTC
Submitting this week; should be available end of February. I will post a comment here and email out to customers when it’s available in hardcover and softcover.

As usual, anyone who owns the pdf version at that time will get a discount code emailed to them via dtrpg to order the hardcover at a discounted
Customer avatar
park H January 27, 2024 9:35 pm UTC
I was also unable to redeem the free offer as an Ebon Cartographer subscriber, with the message "INVALID DISCOUNT MAX USES: THE SPECIAL DISCOUNT YOU ARE TRYING TO USE HAS ALREADY BEEN REDEEMED THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF TIMES ALLOWED". Are you planning to send out a mailing with the new code?
Customer avatar
Joe P January 27, 2024 4:04 am UTC
The email I received stating I'd get this for free using a link in the email...does not work. I'm an Ebon Cartographer subscriber, which is why I got the offer, it seems. Do we know why the code/link isn't working?
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