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The Unseen World
by Carlos [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/07/2024 14:00:40

Great presentation, easy to get into, easy to access and index information. I love this game, so far I'm on my first investigator, I've checked the demo out and just had to get the full thinh after dipping my toes. I appreciate the detail to which the tables go into, I usually just go with a general idea of what happens when using oracles and then fill in the blanks, but all the results and events that I rolled were fantastic in their description, chilling even. I can feel the passion behind this project, and all the inspirations named in the intro, and I'm so glad I found it.

I'm not a huge fan of card systems, but this one feels right. Time and money management doesn't feel like a chore, and there have been so multiple moments just in my first case where I can choose to take a gamble or do things my way, so it does not feel like a system on rails. Just a quick note, I love the ace system, and how it grows in effectiveness with experience. The first time I played an ace I had a grin on my face because I thought "oh this is like a crit, instant win right? How much is the ace worth?" Only to be remembered that the value of the ace is my skill, and as a newbie investigator my skill is dirt. Reminder that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

I could go on just picking random things I liked so far, but to keep this as a "review" I'll just leave with the note that anyone that is looking for a paranormal RPG that's subtle, not in your face type of horror, you'll probably like this a lot. As a big fan of ghost shows, avid player of horror games, and even done a couple of real life investigations, this game is fantastic and I'll be playing it a lot. I'll be sure to upload my campaign results once my investigator comfortably resigns, goes bankrupt, loses his marbles, or who knows what else.

On a final note, big thank you to the creator of the game. This is a very niche type of horror, yet one that we all know has such a attached community. The work, and above all the passion, really shows. Wherever this or a next game goes, this one right here will always hold a special place in my library for sure. Great work!

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The Unseen World
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