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Cursed Library of Gro'Thell
by Bob [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/07/2024 15:06:18

For the last few days, I have soloed my way through The Cursed Library of Gro’Thell (16 pages, free/pay what you want at DriveThruRPG). This fantasy adventure is designed for ShadowDark RPG which I did use. I used the Bing Copilot as my solo engine. I picked out six characters to go through this adventure. The quest is to bring back books. They have travelled through the caverns and they tie up the patron’s donkey. They go up a steep passage and find themselves in Room #1. This room is quiet and has lots of books. They take the time to transport 105 books (and one scroll) back to the cavern, close to the donkey (but he can not reach them). When they get back to the same room they encounter Dalgauth the wizard skeleton. He says, “You have taken some of my books. Now you will die.” The PCs kill him. In the second room, Erevan the cleric reads the writing on the wall. He makes his saving throw and does not get cursed. The PCs do find an expensive book in this room. In Room #3 they fight Aquatic Arcane Oozes. The PCs win and find an ornate ring. In Room #5 they kill Null Arcane Oozes. It takes a strength roll for the PCs to get into Room #6. Miriel the wiz sees that a spike had been used to keep the door closed. She picks it up and feels a magical vibration. She keeps it. The PCs now notice that a NPC is in this room, suffering from hypothermia. They start a fire to warm him up. He introduces himself as Abraham Windre. When he is feeling better, they lead him out of that room. The PCs are travelling through a hallway when one of their torches explodes. Elenora the rogue says, “What the hell?”. In room #4, Thar the fighter takes damage from a trap. Because the air in that room if filled with a noxious gas, they now leave it alone. In Room #7 they have to deal with Necromantic Arcane Oozes and a zombie. The PCs kill them, search the room, and find another scroll. In the next room, the PCs encounter invisible stalkers. The PCs let them do their job and the PCs continue on. The PCs discover that the next room rotates. This brings them into combat with Pyromantic Arcane Oozes. The PCs kill them, search the area, and acquire a small locked lockbox. They pick it up and take it with them. Healing spells are cast (again). They also give Abraham fifteen books to carry. They now go back to the cavern and Elenora opens up the lockbox and the sealed envelope. She goes blind (failed her saving throw). They load up the donkey and then head to the woods (they came this way earlier). Here they encounter goblin scouts and initiate a parley. This creates a quest and the PCs agree to set up an ambush. With the help of the Goblin Scouts, they find the perfect location near a narrow pass that the Dire Wolf frequents. The goblins gather materials for traps and camouflage, while the PCs prepare their weapons. As the sun begins to set, casting long shadows across the forest, the beast approaches. It’s larger and more menacing than any they have seen before, with fur as dark as the night and eyes that glow with a malevolent light. The Dire Wolf sniffs the air, sensing something amiss. The battle begins and the Dire Wolf dies. Later, the PCs deliver the donkey and books to their patron. He gives them the reward. Back outside, they say goodbye to Abraham. Now it is time to look for a place to spend the night. Give this fun adventure a try!

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Cursed Library of Gro'Thell
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