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Fireborn: The Fire Within
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Fireborn: The Fire Within
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Fireborn: The Fire Within
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Geert-Jan W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/03/2014 07:48:41

This is like a great mini-campaign to introduce the characters into Fireborn. Though it is all BUT subtle, letting the player's really dive in directly into the setting.

For player's this might be a good introduction, but for the GM it isn't... This requires quite a bit of preperation before hand, and a good read through of the adventure before you start. Make sure you know the rules, and your player's ready to literally jump right into the action.

The adventure starts with peace negotiations in the mythic age as part of a flashback/dream of the player characters. This is quite confusing, as they only get little bits of info, and know little other then that it's important to stop the war (but not know why it's so incredibly important). It's played as a vague dream, and it can be a bit hard to get the player's into it and resolve the negotiations in a fluid and flowing manner.

After the dream however, the rest of the campaign gets a bit mroe interesting. There is a bit of a lower pace moment where some investigative detective work comes around, but they can be sped up or spiced up if your group doesn't like to get into such situations. My group actually loved this change of pace in between the action scenes.

I think in general, this adventure tries to show and explore all kinds of different perspectives and styles of what Fireborn can provide in adventures for good or ill. It is very inspiring, and even though not everything will work for your group, going through it at least once does give you a better idea what Fireborn can be, and gives enough ideas to continue the adventures afterwards.

But again, it's rather ambitious for a "introduction", and requires a lot of carefull reading and preperation to get the msot out of this. I highly recommend going for an easier and shorter pre-adventure or two to get into the system first, so when it comes to combat not everything has to be explained or covered all over again. It's how I did it, and it worked out well.

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