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Vaesen - Solo Rules
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Vaesen - Solo Rules
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Nate [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/30/2023 20:00:47

Really interesting ideas here, using a deck of cards as the randomizer. They play kind of loose in some ways, and the framework is about narrowing down the search to identify Vaesen creating troubles... which is a clever way to get at a solo investigation. You're identifying the problem via the way the clues are revealed, and certain clues point you in certain directions. This more or less is a way to solve the challenge of a solo investigation (which doesn't really work if you know the clues, the criminal ahead of time). I've tried to adapt these to Blade Runner... not sure if it'll work since Replicants (and Human criminals) aren't quite the same as Vaesen. The idea is a good way to approach investigative solo play, however, and recommended for those solo gamers who want an idea for doing investigations in a solo format.

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