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Baroque Space Opera $10.00
Publisher: Mark Kowaliszyn
by Tom B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/05/2015 23:26:58

On top of all the good things written about Baroque Space Opera in the other reviews, I would also like to say that this book has LOTS of stunts, some of which go way outside the boundaries of the typical Fate rubrics. The stunt writing and design in Baroque Space Opera really challenged my Fate thinking, and is one its biggest selling points as a worthy addition to a Fate collection.

Using Approaches instead of Skills (like at our table) is a really easy conversion since most of the cool subsystems (psionics/magic, nano-tech, cyberspace, etc.) are stunt and aspect based anyway, and only need slight adjustments (very few stunts in BSO are of the "Use X Skill instead of Y Skill" variety).

I am a big fan of Beneficial Things, it is now my go-to extra creation system. It is similar to Jadepunk's Asset system in terms of stunt costs, drawbacks etc., but the benefits come primarily from narrative permissions and free invokes (that refresh when appropriate) stacked onto a Thing's Aspects. There are dozens and dozens of pre-made Things to give you examples for how to handle a wide range of exotic items and abilities. The only thing I have trouble with is that minion- and minor-character- Beneficial Things can take actions on their own under the direction of the controlling NPC, giving their PC two actions per turn, which is something I like to avoid, though I do see how the design choice fits the setting (PC level individuals have vast resources and superhuman abilities at their disposal.). The mechanics in BSO are pretty mix-and-match, (by design I assume) so it isn't a big deal to just exclude this if you choose.

Mixed in with the (extensive) hand-drawn artwork are photos of real-world artifacts and locations. At first this was visually jarring, but I have come to appreciate these as references to the types of images I should look for on the internet to act as game-aids and inspiration for the setting.

Though I would like to see this type of product sell in the $10-12 range, I have to say the $15 I spent on Baroque Space Opera was more than worth it.

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Baroque Space Opera
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