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Save Game • A World of Adventure for Fate Core Pay What You Want
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions
by Steve S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2016 00:05:40

Super Awesome for a group just learning Fate Core. I'd absolutely run this again with another group. As long as your group likes weirdness or 80s video games, you can't go wrong with this.

It should be noted that we ran by the book, rolling on the included tables for keywords to make several aspects per player, which made some wacky but really cool characters, such as one that can pull out a supply of glowing green radioactive hot dogs and restore his lowest heart by eating one, and another character who can call in an ACME supply drop when she needs something. This also means they weren't playing established video game characters. This game would work just as well with players writing aspects for their favorite existing characters I think.

Pros: • Hearts instead of Stress made a bit more sense to my players, coming from a D&D/Pathfinder paradigm. As did Special Moves instead of Stunts. • Descriptions in the setting are loose enough to interpret in ways my group likes. For example, we made the town outisde of Castle Templyvania into a (still spooky) old west town, which made them pretty happy. • PCs are aware they're video games, which is good for when I want to take them down a peg. For example, the shop between levels now has a blood donation machine. Players can donate thier lowest available heart for a coin into the combo pool, up to all of them if they want (in this one instance, losing a life doesn't take them out, so it doesn't empty the combo). Donating a life this way lets them get some sort of really useful item (of their choice within a very open amount of reason) from the shop. This is • all stuff not in the pdf, but added as I felt it worked. • Coins dropping from defeated mooks helps new players get used to fate points. • Hax are amusing. • Easily adjustable difficulty because you can always have someone spot a hidden powerup and gain a life if they desperately need it. If the players were children, you could even spatter lives in corners and unusual places and let them compete for who has the most while also ensuring no loss will be so great as to completely take their character from the game.

Cons: • Probably not for new GMs. The same loose descriptions and open ended setting notes I listed as a Pro above also mean you don't always have answers to what your players come up with. Having PCs acting as aware they're video games could also be a bit jarring. • Rolling for aspects sounded better on paper, but several PCs had aspects that just didn't get used and would have to be re-examined a few stages later. • Limited types of action by Skill was a bit jarring too. I was asked "why can't anybody Jump on an enemy and do hearts in damage?" and didn't really have a satisfying answer. This turned into a great way to make the players think outside the box though, so it's not really a Con after the first session or two.

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Save Game • A World of Adventure for Fate Core
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