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King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.2 $19.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Giles R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2018 01:26:43

This is not a modern RPG with an empasis on getting players into the game quickly and assisting with story development. It's set in dark ages England of King Arthur. Players will have to read at least one chapter of the rulebook to get an understanding of fuedal society and their place within that society. Character generation can be complex but premade characters are available. This game requires commitment on the part of your players to play the role of a medieval knight. If you can find the right group, you will have a campaign that's set apart from every other RPG you've played. Greg Staffoard is a genius among RPG designers.

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King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.2
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