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Publisher: Columbia Games Inc.
by Alex G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/11/2018 11:36:34

Practically every Harnworld / Harnmaster gamer and Gamemaster has at least one of these maps in hardcopy. This iconic regional map covers the entire island of Harn and the surrounding smaller islands. Cities, settlements, countries and natural features are listed, along with locations of interest such as Gargun (Harnic orc) lairs, enigmatic ancient Earthmaster sites such as Telumar, Ridow, and so on. Terrain features, rivers, lakes, mountains, swamps and so on are displayed.

This electronic map has two advantages over the printed version: it is zoomable, and there are no worries about it getting torn or damaged by coffee stains. This is offset by the disadvantage that you cannot lay it out on a table like one of the printed maps.

Nonetheless, this amazing map is the best start for any games or Gamemaster wanting to enter the world of Harn.

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Harn Region Map
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