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DRAGONLOCK Miniatures: Skeletons Set 1 $4.99 $3.74
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by kristopher s. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/20/2018 13:37:26

5/5 I've been 3D printing for nearly two years and have tried a number of 3D models for miniatures. These rank as the best I've seen.

  • Four different models are included in this set. The hole in the spear-skeleton's head is noticeable, and it's a fun addition
  • I've reviewed the sculpts in Cura and Simplify3D and have found no gaps or areas that should cause printing issues for FDM printers
  • The included starting settings are very close to my findings after experimenting with printing other minis with both 0.4mm and 0.2mm nozzles. Their instruction to not include z-hop helped with stringing issues I was having
  • All Fat Dragon Games/Dragonlock models are designed to print without supports. I appreciate not using extra material and not having to worry about cleaning up supports
  • Fat Dragon Games' community. FDG has a great message board with a lot of retained knowledge about all their products. Members are active (typically I see responses within 48 hours) but it's not overwhelming (I don't feel like I have to constantly refresh for fear of missing out on new posts)
  • These sculpts are -so- good that I'm very tempted to buy a DLP or SLA printer just to see how good they can look

A potential downside to these is that 3D printing is still in the "hobby" phase. Those new to the hobby -will- be frustrated with these if they expect perfection on their first try. There are very few machines that, out of the box, will be able to produce prints as they appear in the item listing. Despite my experience with my printers and Simplify3D I am still (happily) making slight adjustments to my settings to achieve the incredible surface detail and perfection they display. This is a reality of the 3D ecosystem, not a problem with these models.

Based on my success with these minis, I'm looking forward to trying their Lizardfolk models as well as Orcus.

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DRAGONLOCK Miniatures: Skeletons Set 1
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