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Book of Sires $14.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/22/2019 01:18:41

A singular and impressive work which expands and complements the homeland options and family histories of player-knights in the Early Period of the Great Pendragon Campaign. The Family History Tables now take into account homelands other than Salisbury and regions other than southern Logres, bringing them into line with the broader options elucidated in the Book Of Knights And Ladies. A truly brilliant stroke is the possibility that player-knight's families may be displaced from their homelands by the major events of King Arthur Pendragon's particular pseudo-history: invasions, conquests, civil wars, and so on. A player-knight whose ancestral homeland was that of the Cantii tribe might first follow his family's exile to Brittany in the wake of the Saxon invasion of Kent, and later see them return to Logres with the sons of Constantin to oust the tyrant Vortigern. Book Of Sires provides a vast array of additional detail for players and gamemasters alike, as well as an extensive bibliography for those seeking to delve even further into KAP's Arthurian milieu.

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Book of Sires
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