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Demon Lord's Companion 2 $9.99
Publisher: Schwalb Entertainment
by Ryan S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/11/2019 00:38:57

This is a good supplament to anyone that wants to run Shadows of the Demon Lord, RPG. I found it helpful for planning campaings out more so than from a player's standpoint, but it has some info that players might like it to make some of the more hinky races that the system has to offer.

I have a common compaint with Shadows of the Demon Lord where the lore doesn't match the mechanics well in that the lore, spell desciptions, and world seem to call for a very brutal and deadly game and you end up taking several rounds to resolve even an easy fight.

I have common praise for all the Shadows of the Demon Lord products in that I wish this was what 5E D&D was. It is a really great, no nonsense, system that is easy to pick up and really fun to multi-class. It is hard to make 2 characters the same even when you are all playing the same race, class, and concept. It is great from a player's point of veiw.

I love the art, but it can be a bit adult at times. Nothing too raunchy, but I would not feel comfortable handing the PDF to a minor. You kind of know what your are getting with this if you have experiance with the other Shadow Of the Demon Lord products. It has a very grim dark style that contributes to the overall tone of the game. Think classic medevil fairy tales.

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Demon Lord's Companion 2
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