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M20 How Do You DO That? $14.99 $8.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Austin N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2020 21:24:05

This book is a great idea, and while I love getting my mind around the idea that anything can happen in Mage, its very good to at least set some procedural ground rules. I needed this in order to circumvent power-gaming from one or two of my testier players. It is perfect in this way, as well as, being an avenue towards guiding players into what kind of magic they want to make. I do not like to think of these as hard and fast rules....more like guidelines!

The book itself came with some notched edges, and I noticed the glue wasn't evenly coated on the spine(maybe I spend to much time around books to notice) but still I would say more than worth the price. The coloring of the premium print was very sexy and had great color blending the Classic World of Darkness books wish they had, definitely worth the upgrade right out of the gate!

Thank you Drive Thru!

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M20 How Do You DO That?
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