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Publisher: Amazing Tales
by Patrick B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2020 12:33:44

I finally got to run this w my 7 yo the other day (we did a space adventure). We've played a streamlined version of the FFG Star Wars beginner boxes and a few adventures spun out of there. He REALLY liked the simplicity of the dice here and ability to focus on the storytelling instead of trying to work out the peculiarities of the more complex system. He also (brilliantly) pointed out that we could use the Amazing Tales system for any story we wanted to do in any world SO I think thats going to mean some Star Wars Amazing Tales (and probably The Hobbit, too). It also means it will be easier to bring in his almost 5 yo brother.

I really appreciated the simplicity of the system, it's utterly sandbox, do whatever you want attitude, the sample adventure and settings, and tips for first timers. I think the formatting/pagination could be cleaned up a bit (some awkward blank areas but that's for keeping different entries on separate pages I suppose), shortening the page count. The art is fun and inspiring for stories (and the coloring book is great).

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Amazing Tales, complete kids' RPG
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