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Amazing Tales, complete kids' RPG $5.95
Publisher: Amazing Tales
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/01/2021 12:00:41

2 years ago I was on a quest to find an RPG that my son would want to play that 1) didn't have too many special rule cases 2) could start a new adventure with less than 10 minutes prep 3) let him use his awesome special rpg dice. DriveThru has many options, but Amazing tales fit the bill best. The mechanics are easy to remember and explain. The art in the book is awesome. The tone and advice is very good. You get a handful of settings in the core book, and the Dragoncrown supplement has a full campaign style adventure.

I mostly play Fate or DnD with my friends, but I have used Amazing Tales to spin up a couple of one-shots for my group when we were short too many hands. Great fun. I have even worked it in to my solitaire play a couple of times, and it does well for something more freeform and story focused.

The system is easy, the product is lovely, the supplemental adventures are quality products. If you are at all looking for a narrative focused game (especially for kids) this is worth a look.

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Amazing Tales, complete kids' RPG
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