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Save Game • A World of Adventure for Fate Core Pay What You Want
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/09/2021 19:18:30

Save Game a World of Adventure for Fate Core (60 pages - free/pay what you want at DriveThruRPG) is a setting for Fate (DriveThru – same price). It contains an explanation of the setting, five adventure outlines, and 25 stat blocks. Save Game takes your player characters on a strange trip inside an electronic world.Their digital home threatened, the famed heroes of the 8-bit generation fight against the Glitch. So, there is a wide variety of adventures that you can have with this supplement.

I soloed it with a solo engine I have been testing out. I played this with an agent, a legionnaire, a psion, a priestess, and a bard. To even save the princess, my characters needed more information which was known by a villain with mood swings. Yes, he did cause some problems, but the adventurers were able to get into the inventor’s basement, beat up the clockwork guardian, and get some needed items. Later, they entered Orianna’s fortress (not the opera entrance). They had to deal with guards, traps, Count Chord, and clockwork replicas of themselves. After taking massive damage, they tried to lead the replicas to a trap, but a bad roll sent the adventurers down a chute to face Princess Orianna. Gatti the bard used her rapport skill against Orianna’s vanity with a success. The princess took off the mask and was now back to normal. Great fun! Your turn. Good luck!

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Save Game • A World of Adventure for Fate Core
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