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Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG $14.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Vic G. Date Added: 10/29/2011 06:15:08

Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG, is an awesome book and game. The system rules are simple, easy and fast to learn. It is quite fun to play and to run games in this setting. Who hasn't pretended to be a pirate as a kid, at one time or another? Well here you go, now you can do it as an adult without people looking at you funny! Ok, so they will still look at you a little funny, but it is hard not to when you yell out "ARGH! Avast ye matey! Answer true or I send ye to Davy Jones Locker!" LOL But it is definitively worth the price of the book.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG
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