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Publisher: Mark Kowaliszyn
by Ryan C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2021 21:27:13

A great universe guide that led me to the actual Fate Core system. I game with mostly Narrative based style players which made this a great find. In a nutshell, this book has everything I love about Baroque/Gonzo Scifi. Yes it is obviously wearing it's insperations on it's sleeve, but unlike some other media out there it does it openly and with some tongue and cheek humor rather than expecting you to think its original. Its simply what all creative universes should be, unique. I mostly only have a few nit-picks with it over all, which is the reason it's not 5 star. I'll give a basic pro/Con table here:

Pros: -Detailed Lore (always important to me if your world building. Too many games these days thanks to KS/indie gogo or other such platforms make quick flash projects with no depth)

-Scifi Heaven: If you like Baroque/Opera/Gonzo scifi in the vien of Dune, Metabarons or the whole Jodorverse, Stargate, little bit of 40k, Aliens etc. etc. This has everything you want.

-Good variety of archatypes. Little something for Everyone.

-Nice use of FC's narrative style of compiling a character with a story and not just a sequence of numbers.

-Lexicon: Thank God. This book has lots of names and titles.

-Made me buy the Fate Core rulebook just so I could start building a game because damn this is cool.


-Layout is a bit cluttered. Needs more sub-title/list and breaks in the lore section and several other mechanic areas to better facitlitate referance.

-Character Archatypes should EACH have their own little illustration (More a personal issue, I hate it when character classes/types do not each come with a little visual referance, even if its re-used from another illustration in the book.)

-Could use a basic terminology/hierachy tree illustration/list at the beginning of the lore section for quick referance.

-Was hoping for a larger selection of pre-gen weapons, gear, items etc. considering how deep the world building is, was expecting something at least on the level of say Dark Heresy 1st ed. with the amount of wild pre-made gagets/weapons. (maybe in a future add-on book?)

-Some sections get a bit wordy due to the lack of breaks and tables.

Overall, Great universe guide. Really gets the creative juices flowing! Just needs some spit, polish and a little bit of detailing.

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Baroque Space Opera
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