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Delta Green: Iconoclasts
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Shawn P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/04/2022 04:59:35

Don't get me wrong, the writers for Iconoclasts have definitely did their homework.

Creating a large sandbox for ISIL in 2006 with great information is well done and thought out. With all sorts of various political groups vying for controls with NPCs of varying political and personal motives to fulfil.

While the immense content is great to read up along with the creepy horror behind this campaign... it feels like it can overstay its welcome.

Personally I feel like a lot of the experience gets muddled down by a ton of paper work to facilitate the espionage and requisitions needed to get the job done and even so a good majority of the work feels like it's really on the Keeper to keep things running and adapt well on the fly while taking into account all of this info.

It also feels like a good majority of the adventure is a logistical project management system while the horror is viewed through a macro lens instead, diminishing any dread or shock value you're likely to accrue.

If your playgroup loves to micromanage and prep for the long haul and as the keeper you're cool with keeping track, this can be considered. Aside from the initial introductory scenario, I highly doubt I'll be able to sustain the adventure for mine.

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Delta Green: Iconoclasts
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