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Delta Green: Iconoclasts
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Gilles D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2022 05:06:14

This is a mini campaign in 5 linked scenarios. The length of the campaign should vary according to your group but 8 sessions should be the minimum.

The campaign takes place in the middle east in a region controlled by ISIL and you will need to deal a lot with these guys while at the same time containing force of even greater evil.

I must say that the campaign as two strong points going for it: a) It is very well researched and very thematic. There is always something going on in the background while your agents work on their mission. It makes the environment very dynamic and the campaign fully alive. b) It is very much sand-boxy and actually super easy to run once you understand the how it works. So your players should have a lot of lattitude to explore and interact with the setting

I do not think the campaign is too long and it is actually something that people can value because there are good chances that you will finish it.

The setting is extremely interesting and will give you a glimpse of Mosul under ISIL. Oddly enough, I did not find the paranormal story as interesting as actually infiltrating such a dangerous extremist organization (if your players choose so), but that's me.

I was planning to run Music from a darkened room (which is a very strong scenario) but after reading Iconoclasts, I immediatly opted to run it instead. The setting, culture, tensions and environment are extremely well described in the book and make it even more challenging for the agents to accomplish their mission.

I think that with Iconoclasts, Arc Dream has upped their game even more with an even richer form of narrative. A success in my opinion and I can't wait for them to surprise us or have more of this in their next modules.

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Delta Green: Iconoclasts
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