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Casket of Fays #6 – a Dragon Warriors RPG fanzine $0.00
Publisher: Red Ruin Publishing
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2022 18:50:20

Red Ruin keeps delivering ziney old school goodness! The 6th issue does not disappoint. The busy GM will thank the gods (old and new) when they read the wonderful adventure "over the gloaming moor". It is in fact more like a mini campaign setting with encounters and hooks a plenty to keep your low level characters entertained for many moons. I love me a good map and this one so beautifully captures to look of the original maps in the Dragon Warriors books that i had to do a double take to check I'd not seen it before. Another 5 star product and best of all - it won't cost you a single shiny shekel (or florin or matapan) ;-)

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Casket of Fays #6 – a Dragon Warriors RPG fanzine
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