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Delta Green: Iconoclasts
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Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Tim Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/03/2022 07:20:34

"Iconoclasts" is a Delta Green campaign set in Mosul, Iraq in 2016 during 3 months of brutal occupation by ISIL. I've run it and it took 6 sessions for my group to complete. I consider this Arc Dream's mini-version of "Masks of Nyarlathotep" with opportunity for lots of deadly combat and a race against the clock versus one of cosmic horror's great villians (and one of history's most evil fanatic cults-ISIL). It's one hell of a premise and the writers have created a frightening and unnerving sandbox. The 4 scenarios are well-written and researched with lots of random encounters and interesting NPCs. The artwork is top-notch creepy and even includes a couple of maps (a rarity for a DG scenario)!

There are also several new rules and tables that help determine the results of your agents' investigations and attempts at spycraft (these invaluable tables should be useful for future DG scenarios as well). It also includes a nice selection of several pre-gen characters, although you can easily use your own PCs if they adopt the skills and languages suggested by the writers. This would be a great intro to Delta Green and the beginning of a DG campaign (as long as it starts in 2016).

Unfortunately, there's some issues that keep it from being truly great and the Handler will need to do some work to fill in the blank spaces. The artifact (ancient amphora) central to the story needs more details how it interacts with the world (can it ever be destroyed?). There should be more unnatural enemies in Iraq to encounter so that your group stays on edge and doesn't get bored (I placed ghouls stalking the streets of Mosul at night). There also needs to be more maps/floorplans (random bombed-out buildings, Kirkuk airbase, agents trailer HQ, etc) and damage/stats tables for airstrikes and drone-strikes (assets your agents will inevitably call upon).

With some more time in the oven (or reworking by a diligent Handler), this could be an even more frightening, thought-provoking and atmospheric campaign (think "Apocalypse Now" meets "The Mummy" meets "Green Zone") that has players deal with the increasing barbarity and insanity of war as they journey deeper into Mosul and closer to the unnatural.

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Delta Green: Iconoclasts
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