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Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2022 19:39:34

Recently, I soloed my way through Tiny Cthulhu (181 pages at DriveThruRPG). This d6 system also includes rules for pulp games and noir games. The adventure that I used was Sister of Yhanith’lei (20 pages same place). I used Bivius Solo (5 pages) as the solo engine. So, my five PCs are on a boat with three NPCs. The professor NPC is the one in charge (this is not Gilligan’s Island). The PCs soon notice that Gordon (NPC) is acting weird. When it is time for the underwater exploration, Paul the war veteran (armed with a spear) stays in the boat to keep an eye on Gordon. So, now the captain, Gordon and Paul are alone in the boat and Gordon makes his move. There is a confrontation, weapons are drawn, shots are fired, and Gordon gets a spear stuck through him. He is bleeding out. Paul bandages his own wounds.

Down below, the explorers have to deal with a Star-Spawn. The professor dies, Dr. Smith (this is not Lost in Space) now has a fear of the figure 8, Pat now has a fear of the color white, Montague now has a fear of sleep, and Ester makes it to the surface without any corruption damage. Because the captain is still alive and undamaged, they do not have any problems getting back to land. They do get questioned by the police and the PCs are not charged for any crimes. They do turn in the professor’s journal to the Miskatonic University Library.

Give this exciting RPG a try!

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Tiny Cthulhu
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