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Mythras $10.99 $6.59
Publisher: Design Mechanism
by Evan M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/13/2023 06:27:46

Mythras does a wonderful job of creating what I call a "life simulator" without going too wonky on the crunch level. I prefer more realistic game mechanics that, IMHO, allow for a more immersive roleplaying session. Fluffy games are not ny thing, but having been a longtime fan of Rolemaster - I do realize that going too crunchy can slow things down and hamper game sessions. Mythras is a great system for handling traditional fantasy settings and I believe it's mechanics could easily be adopted to any class of RPG. There is one future adaptation that I know of called M-Space and its... okay. Mythras sets the base, now I just hope to see some motivated game designer(s) adapt the systems combat to better handle modern to futuristic weaponry. As a gun enthusist, the current offerings fail big time.

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