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The Lazy DM's Workbook $6.00
Publisher: SlyFlourish
by Duncan C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2023 21:03:31

An AMAZING product for any GM. Full of tables, names, lairs, guidelines and suggestions for your (mostly) fifth edition fantasy games, this book is an amazing resource for GMs new and old. While the contents of this book (out of Mike Shea’s big three) is aimed mostly towards fifth edition, most of the materials can be used in any TTRPG system. The inside is beautiful to look at as well. Not just the lairs, but the art and layout are easy on the eyes. It uses a nice big font size for my poor old eyes! If you’re new to RPG scene, this book will help you improvise at the table when you really need it. There will be some random dwarf you need a name for. Or your party will be traveling through the war-torn wastes of Kal’ikza and you want them to stumble onto something but you’re not quite sure. Or maybe you just need random tables to inspire your next session after a long workweek. This book is the perfect tool to help you at the table during the session.

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The Lazy DM's Workbook
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