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Index Card RPG: Master Edition $16.50
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/17/2023 21:57:39

Wow, this is the REAL DEAL! Wasn't sure what to think at first. Thought it would maybe be too simple. BOY was I wrong! The simplicity of this system is refreshing! It makes it very easy to custom your game the way you would like it and make stuff on the fly. Ran the game for my kids a few times, and the funny thing is that it was faster and more fluid than most of the games I ran with 5e with my regular players.

A lot of ideas can easily be ported to other systems, and use this system to play any settings!

Highly suggest you go watch Runehammer YOUTUBE channel or RPG Mainframe - HANKERIN FERINALE / Brandish Gilhelm / Runehammer is a MAD GENIUS - All the Ideas he talks about are really worth your time.

Would buy again anytime! TRY OUT THE INDEX CARDS - The Art is awesome and it really makes a difference during play!

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Index Card RPG: Master Edition
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