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Publisher: Board at Home TT
by Brent H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2023 13:52:40

I was able to play 2 sessions of Kardashev's Woe with a group of 5, including the GM. As someone who primarily plays D&D I greatly enjoyed how much freedom we, the players had to achieve our goals - both in and out of combat. The skills system is very versatile but still simple enough to understand quickly.

The setting of the world, is an absolute delight, and a must-visit for any cyberpunk fans! It's sufficiently dystopian enough to scratch that Cyberpunk itch, but has a thread of silliness to it that I enjoyed as well.

I loved how simple and fulfilling character creation was - 1st session I played a shapeshifting undercover police officer, and 2nd session I was a socially awkward weeb hacker. What was great was that BOTH characters were very effective in combat. (I think I'll make my next character a Construction Worker/ Influencer who uses magic)

Sometimes I feel that in D&D characters that are made with RP in mind tend to fall behind the others when a fight breaks out, but in KW the combat and RP flow together and compliment each other while still being distinct systems.

Speaking of combat, when I first read the Vital Points system I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it - but it turned out to be my favorite thing! I actually felt disappointed that there was only 1 combat in both sessions I played. At no point did I feel like combat was a drag.

All in all,I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is a cyberpunk, scifi, or rules-light TTRPG fan.

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Kardashev's Woe
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