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Publisher: Modiphius
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2023 13:26:21

Recently, I soloed my way through Cohors Cthulhu RPG Quickstart (82 pages) which does include an awesome adventure that could be modified for any RPG.) For the solo engine, I used a yes/maybe/no oracle. I did use the six PCs that are included in the quickstart. The adventure started right after an attack on a caravan. The caravan master is in a fight to the death with a dream-frenzied villager. The PCs kill the villager and the caravan master is wounded. The PC Egino casts one heal spell on him, but technically, all of the PCs have “scrapes and bruises”. So, the PCs loot the bodies and then escort the caravan master to the nearest village.

They meet the village leader and at dusk, they all go into Miltrude’s Hall and bar it from the inside. They sleep for two hours and then they hear a commotion outside. They open the door and then find themselves in combat with a dream-frenzied berserker. They kill him, bar the door again, and sleep for another five hours. In the morning, three cultists are harassing a villager. The PC Gerfrid scares them off. The PCs figure out that the trouble seems to be coming from a nearby farmstead. When they get there, they have an encounter near the barn. They are forced into combat against a dream-frenzied villager, a cultist protector, and a drude. The three enemies are defeated, but Herodion the PC also goes down. Egino attempts to heal him with a healing spell but the botches the attempt which kills Herodion (Oops!).

There are now five PCs left and they have not even entered the manor yet. So, Egino casts The Gods Guide You. It is successful and the PCs can now get to the troublemakers without worrying about the cultists (the cultists are occupied with barriers and complications). At this point, the PCs kill Gislin, Ingolf, and Lao-Ur. When Lao-Ur is being killed, it brands the PC Cossus with a brand/tattoo. The cultists run off, the PCs loot the bodies and then go back to Miltrude. She thanks the PCs but her face goes pale when she sees the brand on Cossus.

Give this Quickstart a try!

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Cohors Cthulhu RPG Quickstart (PDF)
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