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The Idol of Thoth $3.95
Publisher: Chaosium
by Erin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/31/2023 13:21:13

This was a very fun adventure for me and my players; we enjoyed it greatly, but there is a MAJOR plot hole in the story that I didn't notice until we were actually IN game. Slight spoiler: the sarcophagus supposedly only opens when under the light of the full moon. Otherwise, it is seamless, and cannot be opened. However, if this is the case, HOW WOULD ANYONE KNOW THAT THE IDOL HAD BEEN STOLEN?? Or, indeed, that the idol ever existed?

Smaller nitpicks: there are some typos in the text, ie Clarence Butterworth is referred to as Butterfield and Butterworth; Arkham Sanatorium is also called Arkham Asylum. As well, a second statue from the exhibition is mentioned as being missing, which players will naturally hang onto as a major clue, but there's no means for the players to discover how/why the statue is not present. Also, the aventure leaves room for the players to go to The Boston Globe to receive clues, but there's nothing to really point them in that direction without the Keeper kind of blatantly going, "Well, you COULD go to the Globe to do more research if you want," which feels too much like the Keeper driving, rather than the players.

That being said, the idea of the story is very fun, the hooks work very well to grab interest and get the story moving. There was enough clues to get the players to the right place for the big denouement and for them to enjoy the journey. They loved the atmospheric descriptions of the various locales, and it was very easy to create a creepy gothic mood over the whole game. I absolutely do not regret the purchase; I just wish I'd read it a little more critically/thoroughly before diving in, so I wasn't caught flatfooted by that plot hole.

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The Idol of Thoth
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