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Delta Green: Need to Know for Foundry VTT $4.99
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Arne S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/14/2023 01:45:10

This might be my favorite implementation of an investigation game on a VTT platform. It has all the elements you expect: rules, items, handouts, NPCs, pregens, and scenes.

The standout feature for me is that all scenes have a version with just a photograph of the scene, which can be used to set the tone and show what it looks like, even if there is no map.

Additionally, the key scenes also have a version with a map where you can place tokens if you prefer to play that way. Hence, this is highly useful for both "theatre-of-the-mind" play and for using tokens.

Overall, I really look forward to more Delta Green content on Foundry!

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Delta Green: Need to Know for Foundry VTT
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