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The Walking Dead Universe RPG $24.99 $19.99
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Nate [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/13/2023 17:26:32

TWD brings something interesting to the genre, treating the zombie horde like an environmental feature with its own hazards and keeping the interpersonal drama at the forefront rather than tracking specific details about food or water or whatever. It's a zombie apocalypse survival genre game, but it's about people... as it should be. ---------------

Solo rules feel fresh as well, focused on the single character aspects of solo play that make for better solo gaming... but also weaving in the group aspect of TWD. It's the right level of solo, I think, similar to their approach in Book of Beasts for Forbidden Lands. These are really smart choices for solo rules. -----------------

It's nothing new, but it has its own feeling. It's not the bullet-counting tactical game of Free League's Twilight: 2000. It borrows a bit from ALIEN's panic, along with the looser ammo rules for a more cinematic experience. Yes, there's similarity to other Free League titles, but this brings together a lot of good aspects from other games into a single rulebook that is an excellent entry into the post-apocalyptic genre of games. ----------------------

EDIT: Having played the solo mode for a bit, let me add a few things... number 1, I love NPC management (which is similar in both the solo and group play mode). I'll probably borrow this for use in everything YZE. Good way to streamline the use of NPCs. -------------

Number 2... solo mode is better if you build in more group tension? That naturally puts a limiter on the size of your Haven. Whereas, if you are too cooperative and think too cooperatively, then it's EZ mode and you might just blob up. I had to stop 1 run because I didn't add enough conflict... it was just boring. The second time, I randomized the starting NPCs (rather than used the starting groups) and there's more chaos to sift through. It genuinely feels better. ----------------

I might be leading the group towards too much cooperation (again), but I can see external pressure on the horizon with a faction of cannibals to fill in the blank when I resolve the tensions within the survivor's Haven. And I guess that's the magic in TWD - keeping up the pressure in one form or another. The minute you lose the pressure, you need to hit the reset button. That's the balance you need to maintain, in my opinion.

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The Walking Dead Universe RPG
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