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Chains of Asmodeus $29.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Matt E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/11/2024 06:53:52

This is a fantastic primer for each layer of the Hells, without being overly packed with information - considering that the goal is to travel to the deepest layer of the Hells. If you like infernal adventure, you will enjoy this campaign a lot. Parties will need to be very aware of the dangers of this campaign, as TPK opportunity seems to be pretty high here, ot at the very least, characters may be corrupted or possibly changed.

The choice of three patrons allows some choice in how the characters choose to run their adventure, and previous players of Avernus or Baldur's Gate will enjoy the references to previous content. I love the corruption mechanic and infernal weapon stages are lovely flavour. You can get magic item pricing for some vendors(!!!), and there are plenty of opportunity to tempt players with power - just just for combat, but for roleplaying strengths as well. The Soul searching objectives give characters a personal hook in addition to the overall narrative.

However, the archdevil art is disappointingly bland. It is almost certainly AI generated, which is a disappointing choice for some of the biggest enemies in the game, especially when compared to the actual art in the game made by commissioned artists. Also, while Asmodeus is a being very few mortals have ever witnessed, he is still the Big Bad, and there is not a lot of facetime with him for the characters. Your group may find this offputting, and I would breadcrumb some communication with him in each Layer to keep their interest. Patron objectives are secondary to the player's personal objectives and seem light in comparison to the overall book - understandable, considering there are three of them - which may end up having players question their motives. Ensure the souls they wish to save have enough of a hook for them!

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Chains of Asmodeus
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