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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Ian F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2024 14:52:09

Not bad at all- this book includes a lot of locations for Exalted adventures. Of interesting note is that the vast majority of locations covered in this book are actually ruled by ordinary humans or terrestrial gods, rather than the Exalted themselves. This means it overlooks places like Lookshy or Skullstone, where a clade of Exalted dominate. Those are being covered in fatsplats regarding those specific Exaltations, so readers shouldn't worry.

Of strange note, everywhere in Creation appears to be ruled explicitly by scheming old grannies, even in places far away from the Scarlet Realm's matriarchal influence. While this is likely just some slipshod attempt by Onyx Path's writers to placate San Francisco arthouse culture, it does make Creation seem weirdly monocultural. Storytellers are of course free to edit that oddity out of their game, but it did strike me as hackneyed while reading the book.

All in all, while parts of the writing may lack a natural feeling, this is still a valuable resource for those who want to see what more mundane (as much as that applies) parts of Creation might look like.

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Across the Eight Directions
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