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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Davin [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/19/2024 14:18:14

I will start this by saying openly that I have not and probably will not read this cover-to-cover at any point, but I think to do so defeats the point of a setting book like Across the Eight Directions. Every paragraph hooks me with potential sessions, stories or even entire chronicles.

As an essentially permanent Storyteller, I'm going to set games in locations and read those locales beforehand/as I run my game, or my players are going to sprint headfirst into a place I know nothing about and I'm going to call the session and open up AT8D to get inspiration on a particular Direction.

Some of the art is fine. Some of the art is outstanding. With forty or so pieces, not everything is going to be equal. While I personally wish there was more of the impressionism found in Fangs at the Gate, I can't fault more clear-cut and in honesty, more visually clear/evocative artwork in a book more about "reality" than about tone.

The orientation of the maps is strange, but I would rather have full-page strangely oriented maps than weird aspect ratios and blank spaces. It's a trivial effort to pull the map out of the PDF and rotate it, anyway.

All in all, a book I'm going to be referring to for years to come.

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Across the Eight Directions
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