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Publisher: Melsonian Arts Council
by Zachary [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/19/2024 17:40:58
TL;DR It's a fun and unique setting I don't already own, and it's written with a strange uniqueness that instantly enthralled me. Can't wait to slide this one onto my shelf.

Swyvers is a game that is written like a Swyver is teaching you his trade. It will almost certainly be the game gets my players to do character voices, and it has some of the most unique mechanics I've used in a tabletop game.

The magic is interesting, mysterious and way deeper than the player thinks it is, you kind of get to reveal the layers to the magic system as time goes on, and it just kinda makes it all FEEL more mystical, unknown, and interesting.

I love that Skill checks are Roll under so the player always knows what they are aiming for, but the number of DICE you roll is determined by the GM, this is great because it lets the GM have a lot more RANGE between difficulties. Fewer increments that mean more are easier for me to parse, and the player always knows their targets. This also has a side effect of making skill checks physically feel more challenging as the higher number of dice clatters around in your hands.

It also generates a world for you! And these kinds of games are my favorite. It gives it all more of a boardgame like structure to me, and lightens the load for any "writing" I might have to do. The world is also CHARMING and the characters give it meaning. I thought it was just a little passing joke when it mentioned "The town has a real name but the players don't know it" and when you generate the smoke, you give you town a real name.

It does a very great job of building the world around the perspective of an illiterate violent criminal. Swyvers is going to be a CLASSIC I recommend to anyone who wants a game where you play as the bad guys.

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Swyvers Quickstart
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