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Swyvers Quickstart $13.00 $1.00
Publisher: Melsonian Arts Council
by Daniel [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/20/2024 08:49:31

Full disclosure - I am a fan of almost everything and anything Melsonia touches and they kindly sent me a free preview for hanging out in their Discord. Beyond that, I'm not affiliated with them.

Please trust me here though that, from my (almost totally unbiased) perspective, I am incredibly excited for this game - as evidenced by me buying it again here even though I already own a preview.

The setting is engaging, the magic system is brilliant, and, best of all, the book is well written - like an actual book and not just using plain "rules-manual" vocab. Several genuine laughs escaped me when reading the rules in this, and that is rare to come by with any RPG book.

So yeah, Swyvers; this is very much one to watch. My only comment is that it is a little crunchier than I'm used to, and packed FULL of tables, so maybe a boxset (or bookmarked PDF) in the future would be appreciated. That, alongside a play/combat example and comprehensive price sheets maybe. Yet saying that, I've never seen a physical copy so maybe I'll change my mind when I can thumb through it with my greasy fingiees proper-like.

But to restate; this is very much one to keep an eye on if you like grotty, gritty, games - because the Blinking Larry will CERTAINLY keep an eye on it otherwise...

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Swyvers Quickstart
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