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Publisher: Candlenaut
by Marcin [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/29/2024 13:38:40

5 stars. I'm not a fan of sci fi, but I've recently been taken by a hunger for it. And here's the problem. Because I didn't want combat, cyber punk, post apo, too much resource management, something in space and exploring planets, some ancient civilisations we don't know and don't know why they went extinct, something like in the Larry Niven novel Ringworld.... Big demands... I know. And also not to be boring. I tried Alone Among A Stars, but sorry. Too boring. And I wanted something relatively simple. To play straight away. And not to have a 300 page manual filled with spaceship armour stats. And I guess google doesn't just eavesdrop on our conversations with our phones, it probably also eavesdrops on our thoughts, because a video about Entity popped up on YT. I checked it out, it just happened to be on promotion for five bucks, so I didn't think about it any longer. And what does it turn out to be? The game meets exactly all my expectations. I didn't really think it was possible. I play the game slowly, without rushing. I throw the drawn results into the AI graphics generators, which builds imersion. A great story emerges. Throughout the game you encounter monumental monuments to the past whose meaning you can only guess at. More questions than answers. Great. Pros:

game for beginner solo players meta goal procedure for selecting the next event resource management, but not too much quick and easy creation of new characters immersive storyline

Disadvantages: no table of contents no hyperlinks in PDF too easy

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