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Adventures in Rokugan $29.99
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Ben [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2024 21:57:21

This is probably one of the worst iterations of 5e that I have ever run. If the creators had simply embraced the hack and slash, high adventure nature of 5e as a rule set and created this version of rokugan around that, it would have been a great product. Instead they needlessly clung to the lethal/ low magic version of rokugan that ALREADY HAS A SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR THAT STYLE OF PLAY. The only classes that are designed well are the bushi, and to a lesser degree, the duelist. Every other class is atrocious, from game play, to power level, to clunky, janky mechanics. This honestly has me questioning if this was even playtested, because in the taken to market form, it's practically unplayable. If you like L5R, but want a more high adventure version, do yourself a favor and just reflavor existing 5e classes. This is absolute and utter basura.

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Adventures in Rokugan
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