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D100 Space - Galaxy Builder (Book 2) $18.13
Publisher: Martin Knight
by Randy [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2024 12:00:42

I'd never play D100 Space without the Galaxy Builder now. Adds a lot to the D100 experience, and I really appreciate having the universe more dynamic and fleshed out with the Galaxy Builder. The event system, galactic time keeping, and changing economies are for me the best parts. The universe feels much more alive now. Just keeping track of the passing days, months and years really helps with immersion. Creating star systems is also fun. Still has a ton of book keeping, random rolls can still mean away missions can last either 5 minutes or several hours, and often I have just house ruled something because strictly following the rules would just be less fun. It's a solo game so just remember you only need to worry about making it fun for yourself. That said there are some good rule changes here from the original that help. All in all I really like Galaxy Builder and can recommend it without reservation to any D100 Space fans.

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D100 Space - Galaxy Builder (Book 2)
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