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Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Vow of Absolution $19.99
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Bartek [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/30/2024 07:15:56

EDIT 02.06 : It was really nice to see that Cubicle7 responded to my review and gave me hope that they would actually take care of the issues I mentioned as they said they would, but unfortunately when the errata finally came out I was extremely disappointed. Unfortunately, I have to stick to my previous review, which I wanted to change, because almost nothing has been changed, the weapon tables have not been improved even in the slightest, and only Combat Visor and Haywire Mine have been added to the inventory, which, by the way, are also not impressive... This is all the more sad, in a situation where I was assured that they would take care of it :(

Reviev: I hate to write this but this is my opinion: Others have described the problems with this book and the previous Aeldari expansion very well on DriveThruRPG, but I will only elaborate on the problems with the equipment and weapons aspect because I was interested in this aspect and the new skills/talents. Unfortunately, even after the errata, there are a lot of problems with the reasonableness and consistency of the tables as well as the lack of many descriptions of the equipment that players can receive when choosing specific archetypes. Here is the list of problems:

Melee - Heavy thunder hammer is much better that regular TH but is cheaper 3 points of value! Astartes chainsword is too good, almost as good as Relic blade (which have just -3AP to -1 from Chainsword) at the same value and rarity. Power fist is harder to acquire than Lightning Claws but is much worse coz have unwieldy (2) when LC don't and even get Rending (2). Power weapons are also almost as good as Power fist but is way cheaper coz one rarity and 2 value down. Eviscerator is absurd, better dmg, ED, AP, range and what? Is cheaper than Power fist just like Power weapons, what's wrong with Power fist, why it is so weak and hard to get?

Ranged - -Occulus Bolt Carbine is worse than Bolt Carbine, 2 less dmg, lesser rapid fire and salvo rating and lack of assault trait, why? -Assault plasma Incinerator is just worse than Regular, less ED and worse traits but Rarity and value is the same. ?? -Eliminator gear is just lazy copy paste form Astartes Sniper rifle from core rulebook, shame, even they don't mention any special ammo for Bolt Sniper Rifle, you can only use Deathwatch special ammo from core rulebook. Las fusil is also a joke, this should be much more powerful than Long Las and not as much as lascannon but get only -1AP and two more dmg from Long Las and Silent trait, beside this that Fusil have only 12 short rng, even Executor Bolt Rifle is better than this weapons. Both weapons are weirdly cheap. This one was my most anticipated archetype and gear and I'm extremely disappointed with it. Only good is Phobos Armor which is adequately stealthier than other armors nice :) -Bolt Rifles, Auto bolt rifle deal much more dmg than regular rifle, why? I get it that may trade penetration for more ammunition and fire speed but why get two more base dmg, one more ED, one more salvo and even one more Rapid fire and assault trait. Storm bolter wield casually by Terminators have such weak stats in comparison, no sense IMO. Same problem in Heavy Intercessors variant, Hellstorm Bolt Rifle which is Auto bolt rifle but for H.Intercessors is directly worse than ABR, even in comparison to regular Heavy Bolt Rifle, so weird, why? Executor also have weirdly strong profile in comparison to any other Bolt weapon. -Where is Grav weapons trait description?

Gear - -Grapnel Launcher, there is weapon profile but no regular using mechanic description? -Same for many other equipment like Servo Harness, divinator class auspex, transpectral combat visor, haywire mine.

But to make it not so bitter, there are also advantages: the errata corrected several special skills of archetypes, such as Terminator's, and errors in schemes, such as Techmarine in the Intercessor scheme. Now it looks much better.

I want it to look good and I will be happy to help improve it, so if the Creator also cares about it, I can volunteer to help balance this part of the rulebook, I leave my email here -

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Creator Reply:
Hi Bartek,

Thanks for your feedback. The weapons and armour tables have received many updates that address several of the points you’ve raised. We will soon release another (hopefully final!) errata update.

We hope these updates will enhance your enjoyment of Vow of Absolution. Thanks for your interest in getting involved, if you’d like feel free to reach out to

Thank you,
The Cubicle 7 Team
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Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Vow of Absolution
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