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Tales of the Valiant Player's Guide $34.99
Publisher: Kobold Press
by Joshua [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/15/2024 16:04:20

While Im still reading the book, so far THIS IS WHAT IVE WANTED FOR 5E!

Mind you i've only read the core changes like with Doom and Luck points and the Martial Classes that were tocuhed up BUT JEEZ! Barbarian and Fighter got a solid face lift for their core and subclasses that I think Makes Barbarian more balanced AND Thematically interesting and fighter has so much it can do JUST on it's core abilities.

Monk and Rogue didn't get too much changes in their core builds BUT their subclasses make better use of their core abilities making them feel more like a branching path to a greater whole, vs DND's sort of thrown at the wall style. ALSO the feat now called Talents are fewer (much like the subclasses) BUT have way more universal appeal and usage vs having talents (feat) they..dont do anything. All of this PLUS with the way to make stats allowing for more control for the player even if your just rolling stats. 8-9/10 for me so far. Gonna deep dive the magic casters and half casters in my free time.

Def worth a look if Core DND isnt speaking to you (and if you dont waanna support WOTC and Hasbro)

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Tales of the Valiant Player's Guide
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