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Chains of Asmodeus $29.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Kenneth [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/02/2024 16:14:46

As I'm currently expanding, updating and converting an old campaign from AD&D to Castles & Crusades, I was eager to get this for the lore and background information, also hoping to mine some adventure ideas from it. But it's pretty much a disappointment. It sadly exposes the many of flaws of 5e while also being poorly written and uninteresting as an adventure. Safety tools, sensitivity warnings, Mont Haul options for buying magical items, artifacts liberally scattered all over the place, multiple easy options for resurrection. Hell comes off like Disney's Magic Kingdom in this train wreck of an adventure. The factions and NPCs are generally lame and one dimensional. The art for the Arch-devils is the worst I've seen since that hack DiTerlizzi disgraced the pages of 2e. The story itself is pretty weak, following upon the admittedly even weaker trash that was Descent to Avernus. The bottom line is that like movies nowadays it seems that nobody in the mainstream can write an edgy, interesting, challenging adventure. Everything is toned down for "modern gamers" who are used to the training wheel style game that is 5e. I half expected Hello Kitty to show up while reading this. If your players enjoy easy fetch quests on a railroad, they make like this. Otherwise avoid. Totally not worth the money.

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Chains of Asmodeus
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