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The Secret World-5E-Core Book $30.00
Publisher: Star Anvil Studios
by Chris [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/07/2024 20:17:44

For a 5th edition conversion a $60 price tag is far too high for such a mediocre conversion. The lore is all from the MMO The Secret World so I can't really give them credit as they did very little work designing that. I'd honestly if you want a game like this to get World of Darkness or even fan made games if you want something grimdark.

Why to buy: You played The Secret World and want a nostalgic memento.

Why not to buy: This product is 4 times too expensive. You'll struggle to find people to play it as it's super niche and just a 5e conversion (there's a million of them). There's much better grimdark.

Disclosure: I love The Secret World and supported this as a Kickstarter at the $60 level, along with other backers I was under the impression that I'd be getting the game books or at least cover a vast majority of the cost. This was not the case. If this was the only issue then I'd have given it a 3/5.

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The Secret World-5E-Core Book
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