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Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Michael [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2024 06:16:11

This will be a long one, I was giving thought about how many stars i would get it. I have only been playing ttrpgs for at least 4 years, i think and of course it was D&D but moved on to Pathfinder 2e but all that wouldn't happen if a friend didn't introduce other ttrpgs like VTM 20th or COC to me, i wouldn't had branch out. So i took the plunge to being a player to a gm, first it was Pf2e and it was wonderful, it help a new gm like me. Then one day, Cyberpunk 2077 came out of nowhere then Edgerunners but i had already knew about Red and that was thanks to certain youtubers like Seth, Jon Jon, and Dice and RT themselves and others. So i took the plunge into it, Red is more streamline than 2020 but still have a little crunch to it. It has tools to help you create PC's and on the GM side, it goes into depth about the settings and the timeline and rules, and to me, that's awesome! Of course, you will hear people said the layout is a little wonky especially if you get the book but me personally i don't have a problem with it but i do just have the pdf and the hyperlinks are great! It's better to me as a pdf than book but that just me. As a newish GM, this is great, once you read and keep playing it, it will start coming together. Also the free DLCs they release for the game adds even more fun and depth to Red. Sorry for long review but i hope you enjoy Red! See you later in Night City, chooms!!

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Cyberpunk RED
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