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One Page Dungeon Compendium: 2023 Edition Pay What You Want
Publisher: Spiel Knights
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/20/2024 01:55:09

The One Page Dungeon thing is certainly a noble effort. That being said out of 100+ entries, as a DM who prefers kind of low-fantasy minimally-gonzo stuff I could count on one hand the dungeons that I might ever actually use. "And Still They Rise" means anyone adhering to the theme is doing undead, baking, or both. Lots of (in my opinion) overly precious baking-zombie-themed pages in here. Some rarer stuff playing with "elevation" that might be kind of fun.

Lair of the Lamentable Leech Lord (the very first entry) slotted PERFECTLY into my campaign and we had a great time with it.

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One Page Dungeon Compendium: 2023 Edition
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