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Rocks on the Other Side $9.99
Publisher: Nomadic Delirium Press
by Bob [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/17/2024 13:18:39

For the last few days, I have soloed my way through Rocks on the Other Side (119 pages, at DriveThruRPG). This post-apocalyptic RPG depicts the aftermath of a global nuclear catastrophe. I created six PCs. For the solo engine, I used Magic the Gathering Cards (92% of the virtual deck was from the Fallout expansion).

The PCs started with a Ford Transit Cube Van XLT. They were sleeping in it. They had parked it on a side road. At 05:00 A.M., they heard the sounds of vehicles. It was an Enclave Convoy being led by Colonel Autumn. He wanted to know if their vehicle was “available”. He looked them over and then confiscated it from them. He had many men under his command and they were well armed. Just after this, still before dawn, the PCs were attacked by a bat mutant. The PCs killed it, but Dirk did take damage and he did make his saving throw to avoid the effects of mutated damage. At 05:30 P.M. the PCs encountered a Caesar’s Legion Convoy being led by Legate Lanius. This time the PC’s guns and ammo were taken.

On the second day, they found the Darkwater Catacombs. Only armed with spears, they did not want to mess with that. Later, they encountered a man on a grey horse. He introduced himself as Mr. White. He looked at Dirk’s wound, changed the bandage, gave him a pill, and shared his food with the PCs. He left after this meal. This was followed by the PCs being attacked by raiders. Dirk, Zack, and Pam died. The other PCs ran away. The last encounter for the day was a market, but the PCs had nothing to trade. They spent the night in a boiler room. On the third day, while searching a large building, they found a basilisk collar. They took it to the market and traded it for a crossbow and bolts. Later, while exploring, they found a robot. It seemed to be on some kind of mission. It ignored them and moved on. The last encounter of the day was a zombie mutant. They killed it, but Carlos died. So, only two of my PCs survived the three days of adventuring. Maybe you will have better luck.

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Rocks on the Other Side
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